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  • Snack chat

  • Snacky chat

  • Do do do dooby do do

  • The game where you

  • Eat more than you talk

  • It's snacky chat, yeah

  • Hiya!

  • Me your host, Cookie Monster, yeah.

  • Before we start snacking, please make sure

  • that your hands are nice and clean, yeah.

  • Me wait.

  • Or you can just hit the pause button too.

  • Dum de dum dum dum

  • Okay, you hands clean?

  • Terrific.

  • Now it's snacky time!

  • Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

  • Okay, you can have a healthy snack

  • like fruits or vegetables,

  • but you can also have sometimes snack, like cookie!

  • Mm, num num num.

  • Okay, step one.

  • Hold up you little snacky, yeah.

  • Admire snacky.

  • Mm, look at those chocolate chippies.

  • (gasps)

  • They look beautiful, yeah.

  • Okay, step two.

  • Smell you snacky.

  • Oh, that smell yummy.

  • How your snacky smell, hm?

  • Okay, now it time for me favorite time, eat snacky!

  • Yeah, and you can eat however you want.

  • Here's me method.

  • Om nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom!

  • Ah, delicious!

  • Yeah, how was your snacky?

  • Post your snacks with the hashtag #SnackWithMe.

  • #SnackWithMe, yeah, yeah.

  • And tune in next time for another delicious snacky

  • on, oh, where'd it go, where's that sign?

  • Oh, right here.

  • Snack chat!

  • Oh, me blocking A.

  • Trust me, there is an A there.

  • Bye-bye!

  • - [Narrator] Caring for each other.

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  • activities, and tips for the whole family.

Snack chat

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Sesame Street: Share a Cookie with Cookie Monster | Cookie Monster Snack Chat #1

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    Summer posted on 2020/04/26
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