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  • as if we needed another reminder of the devastating economic impact of Kobe.

  • 19 on American families.

  • Today we got that weekly update on jobless claims.

  • Some 4.4 million people applied for unemployment benefits last week.

  • That brings the tally for the last five weeks to more than 26 million Americans.

  • With House members donning masks today, Congress approved new aid for that critical small business fun.

  • But will it be enough to get businesses back on their feet?

  • Mary Bruce joins us now from Washington With the vote and what comes next tonight, unemployment in America has gone from bad toe worse theme toll across this country, visible in those massive lines at food banks from Florida.

  • How many mills to New Jersey?

  • Fine in Texas, where many, like Neil Carol, are going to a food bank for the first time?

  • I've applied for unemployment, but, um, it's taking a while, so I just need the help.

  • Theo House will be in order.

  • Washington Today, members of Congress back on Capitol Hill in masks and gloves, lining up to vote in staggered groups to pass a new relief bill, including $310 billion to replenish the tapped out loan program for small businesses.

  • Rama Right, owns a small beauty business in D.

  • C.

  • She tried but wasn't able to get a loan before the fund ran out by.

  • Business has been tremendously impacted by Cove in 19.

  • But who did get some of the money?

  • Many bigger companies like Shake Shack, Ruth's, Chris Steakhouse and Sweetgreen.

  • With outrage growing, all three are now returning the millions of dollars they were given.

  • As for right, she's furloughed her employees and tells us she's worried her company won't make it.

  • We are equally a part of the economy as much as these large companies are.

  • And right now we need help and Mary Bruce joins us now marry that first round of small business funding certainly went fast.

  • How long is this new funding expected to last?

  • And is there anything else that Congress is planning to try to help Americans through this many?

  • The need is so great here that experts tell us, even though this fund has now been replenished with more than $300 billion they say that all of that funding could be used up within a week.

  • Now, the government is taking steps to try and ensure that the money gets to those small businesses who need it most.

  • The Treasury Department has just announced it.

  • Any publicly traded company that received one of these loans now has to pay it back.

  • As for what comes next, Look, everyone on Capitol Hill agrees Congress is going to have to do more to help the struggling economy to help Americans as we try to recover from all of this.

  • But what exactly that look like remains a big unknown.

  • The Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, sparked a lot of fierce backlash when he suggested that states should declare bankruptcy to try and fill some of their huge budget holes.

  • That did not sit well with many, including Governor Cuomo in New York, who called it one of the great dumb ideas Lindsay.

  • But that new round of funding potentially gonna be used up in just one week while Mary Bruce, thank you so much.

  • Hi, everyone, George Stephanopoulos here.

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as if we needed another reminder of the devastating economic impact of Kobe.

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26 million Americans now unemployed from COVID-19

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