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  • some of these ice cream stories may make your brain freeze.

  • Here are some of the most insane ones.

  • Watch this guy blindfolded as he tries to identify all of these flavors that be picked out ahead of time.

  • This particular one, I thought, would be a lot of fun because it's tasting ice cream.

  • This is, this is often turns out it's not the case.

  • You don't get to enjoy the ice cream, and you have to take a bunch of different flavors you don't even like.

  • I just tried to come up with a combination that don't trounce each other, but they're sinking up that you can identify them.

  • I probably attempted it seven times in a race against the clock.

  • He's going for the Guinness World Record for most ice cream flavors identified in a minute while blindfolded, he wound up tying the current record correctly guessing 11 flavors.

  • You put it on a hot dog or a pretzel, but what about mustard flavored ice cream?

  • French is sold this concoction for National Mustard Day in August, and this is just gross.

  • Who could forget the lich seen around the world when this team opened a tub of ice cream at the supermarket, took a lick, then put it back.

  • All you filed today, video was seen more than 10 million times.

  • One person asked quote.

  • What kind of psychopathic behavior is this?

  • Another went.

  • I'm disgusted.

  • This should be a criminal charge.

  • In a statement, manufacturer Bluebell said quote this type of incident will not be tolerated and said they were working with law enforcement to find the culprits.

  • It happened at a Texas WalMart.

  • Police did not identify her because she is a minor.

  • It's unclear if she was ever charged, but could have faced up to 20 years in prison and could have been fined 10 grand.

  • And what about this mysterious guy who likes to share the cool stuff so much that he spent three hours buying $1000 worth of ice cream at Sweet Sammy's in Texas?

  • Mr.

  • Gary is what we're calling him, but he came in at about 7 30 Saturday night, and he preceded by everybody's ice cream from 7 30 until we closed at 10 o'clock look like he was having big fun doing it.

  • He initially said he was gonna cap it at $300 then it got to 300 you said, OK, let's go to 500.

  • And then once it got the 500 he decided that he was gonna He was gonna shut it down.

  • He was gonna He was gonna close this up.

  • He double that amount all the while getting hugs and smiles in exchange for his generous deed.

  • In all, 300 people walked away with free ice cream, and each of the employees were tipped.

  • 100 bucks.

  • This'll guy let the desert do the talking during his proposal, with a pint of Ben and Jerry's flavor very movement, the upstate New York couple took it a step further, visiting Ben and Jerry's in Vermont to see how their matter ammonium flavor, was made and wound up mixing up their own maple walnut.

  • Ah, sweet way toe honor.

  • A life too short.

  • Lydia Cole spent her summer selling ice cream.

  • When the 18 year old passed away, her family had an ice cream truck procession in her honor and scoops for the attendees.

  • You guys, where you pulled over today, it's not nearly as tense as it looks.

  • Actually, drive on a hot day, thes two cops and Halifax, Virginia, were responsible for causing heart palpitations.

  • That laughs out of relief because all they wanted to do was share some treats.

  • We'd like to put you in compliance.

  • Would you guys like some ice cream?

  • Today we happen to have three of them to make sure that you guys no tickets here just cones and smiles the right prescription for a hot summer day for inside edition dot com I'm Stephanie Officer.

some of these ice cream stories may make your brain freeze.

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These Are Some of the Coldest Ice Cream Stories

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