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  • It is really important that you understand as a leader what is important, you know the

  • idea of clear vision of where we are going in the future, it is as important now as ever

  • but possibly more so, so I think some of it is about leaning forward, being active in

  • the important conversations at a senior level and just making sure that youre going forward

  • with a strong point of view. But that should always be informed by what’s going on with

  • the users; again given the pace of change, given the huge numbers of people who are connected

  • in new ways, given all of this technology, what does that actually mean for the ways

  • that people are leading their lives and really understanding that. And being able to play

  • that back to the organisation, to make sure that they are focused on the right objectives

  • for customers is really, really important and is critical to the role of marketing.

  • In terms of taking people with you and engaging the wider organisation of what you are trying

  • to achieve, for me it is a lot about creating your own movement. Obviously as marketers

  • we look to create movements externally but I think that it’s equally important internally.

  • So I think there are 2 key things here, firstly, thinking big, making sure you are focused

  • on a problem or a challenge or opportunity that is going to inspire people. If you set

  • some crazy goals about something that you believe people really care about, it is actually

  • very easy to get people to want to sign up for that stuff. Then I think it is about story-telling,

  • so with all of the change and the complexity in all of this technology that is happening

  • right now some things really don’t change, it is still about knowing how to pitch something

  • and telling a really good story and getting people excited and that’s always been the

  • case in business and I think that is just as true today. So those 2 things combined,

  • so think big, you know, create a movement internally and then know how to tell that

  • story to get people excited I think is the way to get people on board.

It is really important that you understand as a leader what is important, you know the

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Google's James Elias on championing the customer and 'creating a movement'

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    richardwang   posted on 2014/04/19
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