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  • - Excuse me.

  • Whew, it's warm, all right.

  • So, you like to wear black.

  • Good, you look great.

  • But if you do like to wear black, you know the sacrifices

  • you make for your wardrobe, including but not limited to

  • being a heat magnet on a hot sunny day.

  • Lint is public enemy number one,

  • followed by loose powder,

  • followed by cat hair.

  • Pussy cat.

  • Got 'em.

  • And when someone wants to borrow something--

  • - Ooh, I love that, can I borrow that for tomorrow?

  • - Finding things in your closet can be a challenge.

  • - Where do we begin?

  • - Where does anyone begin.

  • At the beginning.

  • And that terrifying moment when you think you're wearing

  • your trademark all-black, but your shirt

  • doesn't exactly match your pants.

  • Dammit!

  • And then there's laundry day, where you may be forced

  • to wear those dreaded shirts at the back of your closet.

  • - Green?

  • Are you okay, are you feverish?

  • - I ran out of quarters, okay.

  • I ran out of quarters.

  • And also, the worst color known to mankind.

  • - Ooh this one's cute.

  • - That is supercute, does it come in black?

  • - Yeah, right here.

  • - That's navy.

  • Navy blue.

  • Damn you navy, damn you.

  • And then there are those that would try

  • and crimp your style.

  • - Are you almost ready to go Soph?

  • - Yeah.

  • - Seriously?

  • It's a baby shower.

  • - The baby hasn't even been born yet.

  • You don't know its sense of style.

  • (groans)

  • - But you wouldn't trade your funereal wardrobe for anything

  • because nothing will ever be the new black.

  • - What about this one?

  • (hisses)

- Excuse me.

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Struggles Of Wearing All Black

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    luna.chou posted on 2020/04/08
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