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  • -Hey, everyone.

  • How's it going?

  • So if you're anything like me, you have a hard time saying no.

  • You win this year, Girl Scouts.

  • So I'm going to give you 20 different ways to say no.

  • Are you ready?

  • Off to a good start.

  • In English-- no.

  • Like Damon Wayans-- eh, na.

  • Like a weatherman-- it's looking like a 90% chance

  • of no, back to you, Tom.

  • In sign language-- like a person falling down an elevator

  • shaft-- nooooo-- off the Eiffel Tower.

  • Like Keira Knightley-- I feel disinclined to acquiesce

  • your request.

  • In German-- nein.

  • Like a doctor-- congratulations, it's a no.

  • Like a catchphrase-- no way, Jose.

  • In Spanish-- no, Jamaican-- no, Italian-- no.

  • Like a platypus--


  • -OK, Perry, you don't have to rude about it.

  • In Ubbi Dubbi-- [INAUDIBLE].

  • Like a Ninja Turtle-- shell no, dude.

  • In Catalan-- no, Croatian-- no, in reverse-- [INAUDIBLE].

  • Like a girl rejecting you after you've

  • asked her out to prom-- oh, sorry,

  • last night I washed my hair.

  • And there it is-- 20 different ways to say no.

  • Was it helpful?

  • No.

  • Perfect.

  • Who's the little no?

  • Who's the little no?

  • You are.

  • You are.

-Hey, everyone.

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How to Say NO (20 Different Ways)

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    姚易辰   posted on 2014/04/11
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