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  • office.

  • Well, by you've in Tooele Nova Weapons.

  • Are you the easy European Portuguese?

  • How much better job of the Benfica is that clear?

  • I put out the best part about this is is it even legal?

  • Computer River in terms of the league to go to the squad.

  • Missed him with my mask.

  • Tom, You're and vinegar Ask why e a new door soup, Sire.

  • Moods continue.

  • Mes one Passat Joe phallic.

  • See you, John ish Brad to indulge your skin.

  • You know Who was that?

  • Tim?

  • Soon you should try to make it much, Much.

  • Racket tapes are no.

  • Gotta sit with easy or simple Francie Market Gold Market gold in which the door kill Go fast for you free of every Saturday.

  • Kate, Wales.

  • You look your views.

  • Forget that's a technical If you don't use free permeate, keep a zinc A set of each piece in a Premier Inn.

  • Keeper Keeper, Your macaroon was gonna keep respect the TV sound way figure going fast.

  • You know you're going in the first banana venom shot.

  • If you can compare figures in your same so construction Agata applicant A Hallmark card for me.

  • Who are you gonna do is stand toe for evil ideology.

  • Not It's a bear.

  • A bear.

  • So does he keep Wish you want Quick response.

  • What's more, you, senor, according to make like I keep a lot of rewarding Shrimp wanted less secure me.

  • Car Bomber Command in Qatar.

  • Susan, for some was number one temperature on feeling kill time.

  • Miss Cora buying a present dictum.

  • Entries.

  • A new mini material spectacle.

  • Last premier prevail.

  • My sons will be feasting.

  • Um, so you know, we keep a computer you can use to also popular participation.

  • Almost there.

  • While you may as well come, Theo.

  • What a little plants.

  • My another way was Well, I forgot.

  • Over here.

  • Omicron sound.

  • The Benfica in town.

  • Come quick and come with vipers.

  • Well, Theo way, Theo.

  • Bye, baby.

  • Who are mean?

  • Wait.

  • Opening made a sample.

  • So interval.

  • Okay.

  • So Sachin in town, Comstock stuck.

  • Started going to us scales.

  • Well done yet.

  • Well, Martha goes, you go.

  • It was called Michael Kwan.

  • Suppose out towards women castration The motive of sound where the noise is that see a much more alike even speak the same spectacle our intel Many English firstly staying home jugador preferably King a easy.

  • He's busy combined in football.

  • Push together.

  • Put Floren comical in town for station.

  • Sachin could've ethical by Daniel No teenage girls can get hit by market.

  • Yes, the mall.

  • Wait, What now?

  • Importantly Britannica Benfica Guy in Intel for Castile's The police.

  • Are there any shooting at homecoming?

  • Not release?

  • You must must.

  • What?

  • Adam Banks.

  • He was 60.

  • You're saying dynamic is clearly more than usual?

  • What else about done yet?

  • A legal?

  • A lot of women say See movies in town.

  • Benfica, gun your team!

  • Go start the video as up in there much puts kids from Com.

  • You go for full force, subscribe below canal.


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At a Portuguese football match | Easy Portuguese 3

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