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  • Hey geograpeeps!

  • Hope you liked the Finland episode!

  • I loved filming it because it brought back so many memories...

  • ...of salmiakki ice cream.

  • No seriously, I'm like 'this' close to buying a flight ticket there

  • just so I could buy a huge box of that ice cream stuff.

  • I'm not even gonna stay at a hotel.

  • My whole trip there will just be me sitting on a bench, eating ice cream

  • and then when I'm done I'm just gonna fly back.

  • So let's talk about the flag!

  • Without further ado...!

  • So you would think this episode is probably gonna be a little simple

  • because, I mean... c'mon, let's be honest

  • there's not much going on on the Finnish flag

  • However...!

  • Yeah, it's true... This episode is gonna be pretty simple

  • The flag of Finland is just a white banner with a blue Nordic cross

  • Of course, like all other Nordic cross flags, the cross was derived from Christianity.

  • Some people will say that colour-wise, the white stands for the winter snows and the blue stands for the blue skies and the thousands of lakes in Finland.

  • The first time that this specific flag configuration was used was in 1861 by a yacht club, and then it gained popularity

  • and then all the Russian stuff drama happened

  • and then finally in 1917 they gained their independence from the Soviet Union

  • and then they readopted the same flag again.

  • Also we should address the flag of Åland, Finland's autonomous region

  • The flag is basically just the Swedish flag, defaced with a second similar red cross over the yellow one

  • The flag was made official in 1954, even though autonomy was recognised in 1921.

  • Before this flag, they kinda unofficially used a bi-coloured triband of blue-yellow-blue

  • Fun little side note:

  • the Orkney islands in Scotland were like, 'Hey, we like the Nordic countries so much, that we're jumping on this soul train!'

  • and they made their own flag in 2007 which is basically an inverted version of the Åland flag.

  • Now for the coat of arms!

  • The coat of arms of Finland is made up of a red shield, with a crowned lion, brandishing a sword on an armoured arm

  • trampling on a sabre, with little white roses adorning the rest of the open slots on the shield.

  • It's an anthropomorphic lion with a metal arm holding a sword...

  • It's like RoboLion!

  • For a long time, Finns wanted to replace the lion with a bear

  • because they were like, 'uhh... isn't that our national animal?'

  • But they never got around to doing it, so until then... RoboLion stands!

  • For a brief year in 1917, right after independence, they used a flag that was basically just the coat of arms on a red field

  • and the state flag is basically just the Nordic cross flag with the coat of arms in the centre of the cross.

  • Otherwise, yeah... that's about it!

  • Finland is another Nordic country that follows the Nordic cross pattern on their flag

  • and they live a very chill life

  • ...literally. It gets pretty chilly there.

  • This has been Flag Friday, you have just been flagged.

  • Stay cool, stay tuned!

Hey geograpeeps!

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Flag Friday FINLAND (Geography Now)

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/04/04
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