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  • [Paul]: Come here!

  • Yeaah, there you gooo!

  • I pet it!

  • I pet the sheep!

  • I pet the sheep!

  • Mission accomplished!

  • [Music]

  • [Paul]: So we are here in Rotorua - New Zealand,

  • which is also known as theori capital.

  • This place is awesome because it's built on all these

  • geothermal geysers and springs, it's amazing.

  • So, we are here at the Whakarewarewaori village.

  • This place smells like sulphur, cause there are

  • volcanic thermal vents everywhere...amazing, wow!

  • [Shouting inori language]

  • So now, we are going to eat a traditional Hangi meal,

  • which is used by cooking with the thermal vents here in the ground.

  • [Charmaine]: Soo, they get these hot rocks to get the...

  • they fill it with food, you leave them there for few hours

  • and then cook when your meal is ready.

  • [Paul]: Really excited to be in this next spot -

  • this is Waitomo a.k.a. the home of New Zealand's

  • most notable Glow worm cave.

  • That's right, worms that glow.

  • Hey everybody, I'm here with Logan, with the Legendary blackwater rafting company in Waitomo,

  • so what exactly are we going to experience?

  • [Logan]: We're gonna be entering the Ruakuri cave,

  • We're gonna see a lot of Glow worms.

  • [Paul]: Do these Glow worms make their own light?

  • Or is it like bacteria...

  • [Paul]: And here we go

  • [Logan]: You like scallops?

  • [Paul]: Yeeah

  • [Logan]: So, the shells are the oldest things here.

  • Oh, you can actually touch it?

  • [Logan]: Yeah, you can touch the shells.

  • [Paul]: Ohh, that one looks like it's about to crack and fall.

  • Cool thing about this cave -

  • it's wheel chair accesible.

  • So we found the iconic plant of New Zealand.

  • The Silver fern,

  • it's silver, but only at the bottom, only at the bottom.

  • Rubs off, so...

  • [Paul]: Oh, it rubs off?

  • Oh, it does!

  • And especially on the skims.

  • [Paul]: So, I'm here with Ceillhe from Time unlimited tours!

  • [Ceillhe]: Kia ora! [Hello inori]

  • T.I.M.E. stands for -

  • To Integrateori Experiences

  • [Paul]: What can people expect with your company?

  • [Ceillhe]: We wanted people to make sure they were

  • hanging out with locals.

  • We're quite interested in you as much as you're interested in us.

  • [Paul]: How can people find out about Time unlimited?

  • [Caillhe]: Our website - NewZealandTours,

  • everything you can think of on social media.

  • We're award-winning company, so look up National Geographic.

  • [Paul]: National Geographic work with these guys,

  • you know it's legit, you know it's real deal.

  • Good stuff, good stuff.

  • So I'm here in the rainforest close to Karekare on the North Island, it is beautiful..

  • waterfalls, beaches, thanks to Time unlimited tours.

  • I love this room, cause I have a thing for weapons.

  • [Singing in theori language]

  • [Paul]: Alright, it's my last day in New Zealand.

  • I just wanna say thank you so much to Jared.

  • Jared, without you none of this would have been possible.

  • [Paul]: You know what? Hongi time, Hongi time..

  • Can I do this? Okay..

  • This is a huge festival that goes on for 12 days...

  • Alright, so Cesar is going to take us zip-lining today...

[Paul]: Come here!

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Geography GO! New Zealand! (North island)

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