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  • Hi.

  • Welcome to show me the curry dot com.

  • I'm little I'm a ninja.

  • And today we're gonna show you how to make a very classic bread pudding.

  • Very simple, very easy to make.

  • And it's so yummy, you'll be impressed.

  • So we have We've cubed bread over here.

  • Now you can get any kind of off bread, not just although sliced bread that you make your toast out of, So anything that has a little bite to it and has a little chewiness to it.

  • So we have used thes hoagie rolls, and it's about 8 12 ounces What you've used in about six of those and basically what you do is you just cut it into large cubes like this and actually works better if it's a day old or two days old or so actually, back in the day, I think they made bread pudding when they had leftover bread to choose it up because it was not good enough to consume by itself.

  • But, uh, heck, it's a great recipe.

  • So anyway, we cube it like this.

  • Keep little large chunk so that they show up in the bird pretty.

  • So this is prepped.

  • We're just gonna keep it aside and work on the rest.

  • So I have seven large eggs that I have broken in a large bowl, obviously, and I'm just gonna stop risking it.

  • And here's what the easy part comes in is all of our ingredients, except the bread just goes in there and we mix it on, and that's it.

  • So we have one cup of sugar here now.

  • In India, you get like a very large grain of sugar, So just break that down and just a falsetto.

  • Grind it down a little bit because otherwise it's gonna be the grainy and that your putting right or lot of elbow grease to get that to melt.

  • And we have 3/4 of a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, two teaspoons of vanilla.

  • It's one cup of heavy whipping cream.

  • I want to just stop mixing it, and we also have one stick of butter that we've melted in the microwave.

  • Now it's not super hot, but it's melted, and it's actually just a little warm right now.

  • Just make sure you don't wouldn't very hot butter in there melted butter.

  • Raise your hand, scram legs and we have about two cups of water, but the water is going to depend on the freshness of your bread.

  • So the older the bread is and the more dry it is, you kind of need more water.

  • We have two cups.

  • I'm gonna start with just about a cup and 1/2 and we'll see where the bread fits in there.

  • So once this is mixed in, we're gonna add in the bread now and I'll keep mixing it while handles adding in the print.

  • So we're gonna keep mixing it till the liquid part gets socked in by the bread and you'll still see the bread in nice chunks.

  • And and that's fine.

  • And some of the bread will break apart, and that is also perfectly fine.

  • So meanwhile, we just wanted to mention that we do have our oven preheated at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, 180 C, and it's ready for us.

  • And we have ah, nine by 13.

  • Baking pan right here is gonna likely spray cooking oil in there so it doesn't stick.

  • Alternatively, if you want to put parchment paper, you can do that as well, and we're gonna pour this mixture into our greased pan.

  • Some people like to add raisins or some dried fruits in there as well, and that's optional.

  • You can definitely do that if you like.

  • Just spread it around till it evenly coats the bottom of the pan.

  • This is gonna go into the oven for 45 minutes in the middle of the oven, and after 45 minutes, we'll give it a little toothpick ties to make sure the eggs are cooked.

  • It's we just cook it for just another 5 10 minutes more so bread pudding is out of the oven actually came out a little while back, and it was, you know, nice and bubbly and all the way up to there, and it did take 45 minutes.

  • I did the toothpick tests and came out clean, of course, was a little wet, but it was not the roll it.

  • I left it out for five minutes.

  • So any time you're making egg anything puddings and deserts or anything, you need to let it sit for a little while.

  • Unit Let the egg, you know, cook all the way through.

  • So look at it looks so beautiful.

  • Beautiful love the colors of the advantage of using a bread that has a little bit of ah crust to it is exactly this reason, because the bread kind of lift to the top from the eggs, and then it browns beautifully and your presentation is much better.

  • So we're gonna cut it.

  • No, look at it beautifully.

  • It's moist on the inside and crunchy, little crispy on the outside.

  • Perfect texture for bread pudding.

  • So we have some homemade caramel sauce here that we made, and there's a video for this entre Medicare dot com.

  • Please report homemade caramel drizzle a little bit of this over the top that looks yum.

  • So let's give it a try.

  • Uh, look at that.

  • Well, better that caramel sauce on there.

  • Perfect.

  • I get a little bit of bite from the bread because which is a little Crispo, So it has a little bite.

  • It's just fabulous.

  • The pictures and the inside is so warm and moist.

  • Choice and perfect package and the caramels also awesome setting.

  • Um, if you wantto, you know, make this something like this is like a perfect for like a large gathering.

  • It's easy to make all right, and it's a great make ahead also, So I think it's fabulous.

  • And even if you make it for yourself, if you can easily store it and you can even freeze it, you know, cut your portions into little single serve portions and put a plastic wrap over it tightly.

  • Put it in a freezer bag and it freezes beautifully.

  • When you need it, you just microwave it and it's ready to go in an instant.

  • So while we're enjoying this amazing bread pudding, we just wanted to say Thank you so much to chef Arturo Solomon, who shared this amazing recipe with that.

  • So thanks a bunch for that.

  • So if you like this recipe and you like to see more from us, please don't forget to subscribe because it's absolutely free and you'll be the 1st 1 to know any time you post the video.

  • Yes, so enjoy your bread pudding with the caramel sauce and join us again.


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Bread Pudding - Holiday Dessert Recipe | Show Me The Curry

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