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  • Of course, many of you are aware that we all experienced a great loss yesterday.

  • Adam Schlessinger, uh, co founder of the beloved band Fountains of Wayne passed away.

  • Uh, yesterday, uh, it 52 way too young from the cove, it 19 virus And ah, lot of us were really saddened and devastated to hear this news.

  • Adam Waas Just a brilliant guy.

  • Brilliant guy.

  • Loved music, left comedy, um, had been nominated o R one almost every award you can conceive of in his career.

  • And, um, of course, Fountains of Wayne, A spectacular band.

  • And Adam was a lovely man, really was a lovely man.

  • And I'm thinking of him today.

  • I have many memories of Adam because he came on my late night show.

  • I think about six times over the years with Fountains of Wayne.

  • And, uh, I'm thinking of him, particularly on one occasion.

  • It was right after 9 11 and I was trying to get my show up and running again and very difficult to try and get a comedy show going under those six circumstances and how do you do it?

  • And looking for people to help And Fountains of Wayne came on the program, and they performed a cover of the Kinks classic song.

  • Better Things.

  • Adam just Loved and worshipped Ray Davies in The Kinks, and they performed better things that first week.

  • We came back after 9 11 and it was such a special moment then at the time, I couldn't imagine a better song for people to be listening.

  • Thio.

  • Then better things.

  • And now here we are and Adam has just passed.

  • And once again I can't think of a better song for these times.

  • Then better things has performed by Fountains of Wayne.

  • Um, we're going to show that to you now.

  • And I just want to give oh my love and support and good karma to Adam's family, all of his fans and his friends.

  • Here they are Founds of Wayne.

  • Better things.

  • All right, everybody.

  • My next guests are here to perform an old kink song that seems especially appropriate in light of what we've been living through for the past two weeks Here to perform better.

  • Things are fountains of Wayne.

  • Theo opened, things get better for to Morrow open all the verses run and the very best of choruses too down sadness.

  • I know that better things out.

  • Very bad.

  • No, it's really good to see you.

  • You?

  • No, thank you.

Of course, many of you are aware that we all experienced a great loss yesterday.

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Conan Remembers Adam Schlesinger & A Very Special Fountains Of Wayne Performance

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