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  • I don't have a tortoise.

  • Do you have an ADA Ada?

  • Nor are extraordinary women on dhe.

  • I think there's a lot more to the story than we can tell in a doctor who story.

  • Ada Lovelace, daughter of Lord Byron and Annabella Milbank.

  • One of the great minds.

  • Ada Lovelace was 1/19 century aristocrat.

  • But in her own right, she became what we now would say.

  • The first computer programmer she write the first algorithm.

  • She worked with Charles Babbage, who invented the first mechanical computer.

  • It will count on dhe perform quadratic equations.

  • He had built this machine and she was the one who saw the possibilities of that.

  • I'm not a fool, Doctor.

  • I'm not treating you as one.

  • The exposure she had to this invention on the thoughts that that provoked in her ripple down through time and sort of the kind of foundation stone really of computer science today.

  • Don't move.

  • I said don't move.

  • No hostile.

  • We're here by accident.

  • Nor any Akane Waas, the first female special operations executive officer, essentially spy to be landed behind enemy lines to wait to hear about North just as impressive as you.

  • She was one of the first sort of British wartime female Muslim heroine.

  • She was moving of equipment around hiding under floorboards felt completely alone.

  • On her only sort of link was these messages.

  • She resented it for me.

  • At that point, I realized just how lonely it must have Bean, no really dangerous city.

  • This is a remarkable figure, and we tell a tiny fraction of her character.

  • But there's a whole story that you just go.

  • She was amazing.

I don't have a tortoise.

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