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  • so that's okay.

  • Yeah.

  • Way.

  • Want motive in mind?

  • Beans rolling Just like way This being for today's seven chaos on way Mental World Mental Health Day Being a few weeks ago, I found a link between two.

  • Now, these days, a lot more people are starting to realize a mental help.

  • Everyone.

  • I found that for myself.

  • A lot of depression with social.

  • Yeah, everybody's just trying to get ahead and get the destination.

  • We don't much appreciate as a filmmaker, I feel the same way.

  • I work really hard, probably weeks on end.

  • But one day that I'm not doing anything I want for media.

  • I see one of my mates.

  • I don't have to get up.

  • Um, for me, it's actually understand journey.

  • Thus far, I think I have to appreciate the sets about me.

  • So I'm gonna tell you a bit about myself a little.

  • I think I was born and I do not know that for So mother, that's 1/2 Nigerian from Bombay, Half Welsh.

  • My father passed It is Syria on half a steak with Sami rights.

  • I think all my life um I despise Nigeria because I was born here was way Stan.

  • But I grew older.

  • I said before I didn't see a race thing before.

  • My family was so mixed.

  • Race wasn't a problem.

  • But as I started school, I said to realize things change because I started being identified by the way that I thought I was fine.

  • By way of growing up in Nigeria, I was always like this person in the room.

  • The boat child.

  • As I always asked where my my from seeing a J.

  • C.

  • You have us your next week, not just from here on.

  • For me, that was annoying because I had to keep going over.

  • I got me that on.

  • As I grew older, I sold for the UK Small.

  • I think I changed because I was black.

  • I was wearing my reading Looking back.

  • Now I see why I didn't get a complex nature Looking back.

  • Actually, see that I was a young girl show Fine.

  • Because of this, I really cure.

  • So a lot of time I wouldn't go out without makeup.

  • I wouldn't eat it because I was almost.

  • But my head was on that school.

  • I wasn't doing the math science, so I just know that they change because I realized I could say something that I was connecting film as an art form to express myself on my feet on.

  • Sure, I'm not going.

  • I found a way to express myself on once he would look at what I was doing.

  • I know exactly how you and I was changing for me.

  • I express myself.

  • I found saying my mind not be taking Somebody's looking at judging because it's just a part of my talents that was being what I do know what I like making, making his inner journey for quite a few years now on the first cell.

  • Looking back now, Krystle, that I made the one that I wrote and directed with Cycle on.

  • This was a film about a young by racial girl trying to find her again to see in a predominantly white.

  • They said a lot about how my back because of me when I first now so okay, I can see through.

  • That was the first thing I wanted to say there.

  • But here, stop judging way, huh?

  • Through the years now, I've still to seek about stairs and to see about what it takes to seek about identity and you see for me, it's great because I'm being this into on.

  • I'm actually quite that.

  • It's one I could say Yes, I'm good at something That's that was for me over the years.

  • Over the past two years, I got married in 2017 and then I also had three losses.

  • Now that my show no really understood where is going.

  • In the past two years, I've also made the best work yet.

  • I produced a short film which went viral.

  • I directed my first documentary Marks about Mark's certification in Nigeria.

  • Also been working on some works.

  • Every I launched a foundation, which was a safe space of people like to see about.

  • So throughout my journey and throughout my scared, he's still always in my life that I want you to feel comfortable, feel safe for that we will find something in my life that I can do any money from but also feel comfortable doing what I do.

so that's okay.

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