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  • I want some right away with a little ways, you see, because he's a reusable.

  • So you think a meridian?

  • Which one do you think isn't most sustainable?

  • Okay, so those who think it is the paper cup, please raise your hand.

  • Paper cup?

  • Yeah.

  • Okay, good.

  • The reusable plastic cup.

  • Raise your hand.

  • Okay, That's not a bad start.

  • Cool.

  • So I'm gonna take this five minutes to share with you a simple idea.

  • A simple idea with a big impact.

  • Keeping our planet healthy, keeping our planet healthy so that our future generations can live and thrive as well.

  • And this is what inheritance means to me.

  • When I came to the Netherlands, I was 17.

  • I was extremely excited to start a new life in a new country.

  • And so are all my new friends.

  • But we all had the same problem.

  • We had an exciting your life A B Z first week, and no time to go to those big stores to give the essential for a room.

  • So with a few friend of mine, we decided to help this international students moving comfy by providing a starter kit for their student room.

  • That would include items a chance.

  • Do they pillows or kitchen equipment?

  • And by doing that, we enable them to focus on what really mattered.

  • Making your friends.

  • They're having fun well, and study right, Um, and quickly.

  • Not only were we helping students from our school, but also towns of students throughout the country.

  • And everything seems fine.

  • Until we realized there was a huge problem, huge problem that was contributing to the 2000 kilos of waste each and every one of us produced each year.

  • We had this big realization that when those students are moving out after the six month exchange, they didn't have a choice but to take their almost brand new day pillows, bed linens and dumb them on the mountain often and piling up in front of each student residence.

  • They didn't have a choice for them.

  • It was clear this was trash, and they were all thinking, well, who would be crazy enough to sleep in my day?

  • And it was true.

  • Nobody wanted this dirty beddings.

  • So you see, a lot of people want to act more sustainably, but when they're not given the opportunity, what can they do?

  • So this got us thinking until we came up with a simple, sustainable solution.

  • Who said that beddings were single used?

  • Didn't we invent the house?

  • I called the washing machine.

  • And so that's when we decided to create an absurd I cling process and a sighting process so that we could make use again off all these valuable items.

  • Let's take an example in this process.

  • Each do they is carefully analyzed, sanitize and process so that it could be given second life and not as composed or insulation fiber, but as an actual up cycle, Do they that could be used again.

  • And by doing that, we had just created a kn, almost carbon neutral lea ve that could be used again by the next international students.

  • We had redefined what we considered as waste and reused it, and we made it easier for students.

  • They just had to leave it in the room.

  • So why am I telling you all these right now?

  • Well, I am telling you this because I deeply believe that a solution to waste is not always in those big, multimillion dollar project.

  • I believe that a solution to waste isn't what we concert is waste and what we make his waist.

  • So today I want you to look around in your apartment in your office at university and think about what you're using.

  • Should you be using old that paper for work?

  • We all know that it's made by chucking them trees, right?

  • What about there was plastic coffee capsules.

  • Can't you find an easily implementable solution to that?

  • Just remember, it is all about simple, sustainable solutions.

  • And let's be honest here.

  • I am not the most sustainable person in this room.

  • And probably no one here is.

  • But we can old strive for those changes with a critical eye.

  • It is all about what we concert as waste and what we make is waste.

  • And by doing just that not only will please our planet, this will help build and create the mindset and culture we would leave behind for the next generations.

  • Thank you.

I want some right away with a little ways, you see, because he's a reusable.

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Seeking simple sustainable solutions | Justin Warambourg | TEDxHotelschoolTheHague

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