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  • another one.

  • Another incredibly challenging week behind us.

  • Another month of uncertainty ahead here, New York officials warn.

  • We're just days away from what they're calling a D Day.

  • When this pandemic will overwhelm hospitals, the governor is essentially threatening to seize vital medical equipment, the death told nearly doubling in three days close to 3000 dead in New York state planes in hard hit Los Angeles spelling it out in this guy.

  • Stay at home, save lives.

  • But that's exactly what many residents in some states are not doing tonight.

  • Their local leaders refusing to issue a stay at home orders, Dr Anthony Fauci says he does not understand why Alex Perez leads us off with a look at the places in America where there's pandemic may seem distant but looms large nonetheless, from New York, stay home to the maxim extent possible to California.

  • We know what does work, and that's physical distancing, and we believe very strongly that stay at home order has helped advance our efforts and reducing the stress on the system and many places in between.

  • A majority of states across the country have issued a stay at home orders to help stop the spread of cove it 19.

  • The measures have caused unprecedented harm to their economies, but those officials say the decision was made to protect life first.

  • Not everyone, however, has made the same choice.

  • Take a look and nine states have no such orders in place in many of those states.

  • Instead, a confusing mix of county and local restrictions enclosures.

  • We know that the best thing we can do to minimize the economic impact and the duration of that as well as the public health throughout the state, is to put a shelter in place mandate in place as soon as possible.

  • Because Cove in 19 doesn't respect tourist external boundaries, it is spreading.

  • It will continue to spread.

  • Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall issued her own stay at home order after Utah Governor Gary Herbert on Lee issued a softer directive.

  • There have been more than 1000 confirmed cases and at least seven deaths in Utah.

  • We know that when we put in place a stay at home mandate that more people follow it, business is put in place, better protections for their customers and their employees, and it slows down the spread of this virus In Alabama, where there are more than 1300 confirmed cases in at least 34 deaths, Governor Kay Ivey had declined to impose a stay at home order on Lee, closing 90 central businesses in schools which were not Louisiana.

  • We're not New York state.

  • We're not California, and right now is not the time people to shelter in place.

  • Ivy, who faced an avalanche of criticism on social media late today, finally issuing a stay at home order.

  • And although President Trump has been reluctant to urge the state's hesitant to issue a statewide mandate, all with Republican governors toe locked down, the nation's top medical experts on the pandemic believes every state should be implementing one.

  • But if you look at what's going on in this country, I just don't understand why we're not doing that.

  • We really should be.

  • The concern tonight is that if they don't, they may later cause damage to those residents in states that have been staying at home.

  • They're all slapping us in the face and people losing jobs to a tune that we've never seen before in this country are losing them, and it's because other people aren't cooperating pretty soon what you're doing.

  • If you're not complying with these rules as a state or is individual, it's hurting all of us, and it's time for it to stop.

  • Enough is enough, and this state by state thing is killing me.

  • I mean, we're the United States of America and Lindsay.

  • Medical experts say there's already some proof that in states where residents are closely following those stay at home orders, it's working, helping to slow down the spread of the virus.

  • Here in Illinois and several other states, the order has already been extended until at least April 30th.

  • Lindsay Our thanks to Alex Perez.

  • Hi everyone, George Stephanopoulos here.

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another one.

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