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  • Hello. Welcome to Hilah Cooking. We've been getting a lot of requests for

  • desserts and cookies, and stuff like that. I figured since it's closing in

  • on Christmas, I would show you how to make some Christmas cookies. I like

  • to make Christmas cookies every year, and I take pretty little bags of them

  • to my neighbors. There's an unwritten understanding that if I bring them

  • cookies once a year, they will not rob my house. It works out really well

  • for everyone. I am going to show you how to make Mexican wedding cookies

  • today, so ole.

  • Super-simple; you just got some butter and I'm going to cream that together

  • with some powdered sugar. I'm going to save this wrapper to grease my

  • cookie sheet later. I'm just going to do 1/4 -cup of powdered sugar, but I've

  • got extra here for rolling the cookies in. I'm just going to cream this

  • together. If you have a mixer, you can use that, but whatever. It's old-

  • timey to do it with a wooden spoon. That looks good. I'm going to add a

  • little bit of vanilla, about a teaspoon. Look at the daredevil that I am; I

  • didn't even measure that.

  • This recipe's cool because it doesn't have any eggs in it, so if you're

  • allergic to eggs, this is the cookie for you. I'm going to add the flour

  • and the nuts, and mix that together, and then we're ready to cook. I got

  • these pecans that you could grind them in a . . . you could grind them in a

  • food processor or a blender, but I like to chop them by hand because then

  • you end up with little pieces of varying sizes. You can see this is really

  • stiff, and now I'm going to go ahead and put the nuts in.

  • At this point, it might just be easiest to use my hands and get those

  • little nuts evenly distributed. Wicked. Now I'm going to roll some balls.

  • I'm going to use this from before, like that, to grease this cookie sheet.

  • Pretty ingenious if I say so myself. Now you can see it. Then you just want

  • to pinch off balls about an inch around. It should be just the right size

  • to eat in one bite. That's how I like them anyway. Last one, but poopsies;

  • I need to rearrange a little bit and cram these last 3 on there. Let's see.

  • It's like that magic shell game. Everybody's happy. Now I'm going to put

  • these in the oven for about 15 minutes. We'll see.

  • Cookies are done, man. You just want them just a tiny bit brown on the

  • bottom. Now I'll put them on the cooling rack. They fell through. They're

  • tiny. Cool off little cookies, cool off. These little babies are cooled off

  • now. I've got my bowl of powdered sugar, and I'm just going to gently toss

  • them around in that, and then put them on a plate. Super easy. They look

  • like little snowballs. Now I will eat one for you, for me too. They're so

  • light and crispy, and they get powdered sugar everywhere. It's very

  • festive.

  • Try these when you make Christmas cookies for your neighbors and then maybe

  • they won't rob you. Merry Christmas.

Hello. Welcome to Hilah Cooking. We've been getting a lot of requests for

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Mexican Wedding Cookies Recipe - Polvorones

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