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  • Hey, I am Hilah, and I am cookin'. Today I had a really rough day at work even though

  • you think all I do is sit around and talk to the Internet all day. That's not true!

  • I am tired, and I am having a beer, and I am making buttermilk biscuits.

  • All right, I am going to show you how it's done. I am just using the Joy of Cooking recipe,

  • and I have got flour, baking soda, baking salt, why I do keep doing that, baking powder,

  • and salt in my little sifter that my momma gave me. I have this in my life since I was

  • a wee baby. That's why it's all rusty and prairie dog looking. So I am gonna sift that

  • together. C'mon lumps, and then it says to add four to six tablespoons of butter. I am

  • going to use six because I like dying. I am going to show you a little trick so the thing

  • about biscuits is that you're supposed to like cut the butter into the flour so that

  • you end up with tiny little pieces of butter coated in flour and that's what makes them

  • light and fluffy like you don't want to melt the butter. So I have this butter frozen,

  • and I am gonna use my cheese grater and I am gonna just grate into my flour, and then

  • I end up with little pieces already.

  • All right, so whatever, I guess this is about five tablespoons, but I am tired of grating

  • butter. I am stopping because more than enjoying dying I enjoy cutting corners, so there we

  • go, five tablespoons of butter. Now I am going to use my fork and just kind of toss it around

  • to get my little butter shreds coated in flour. All right, so whoa! I am getting crazy up

  • in here with some buttermilk biscuits. All right, so I got my butter chunks, my butter

  • fragments evenly coated. Now I am going to get my little paws in there and sort of break

  • it up a little more. I don't want to melt the butter and my hands are hot baby, so I

  • am just going to use my fingertips and try not to mess with it too much. All right, so

  • I got my business happening. I got some little chunks of butter about the size of peas. I

  • am gonna make a little dip in the middle of my pile of flour and I am gonna put my buttermilk

  • in all at once, one thing or nothing.

  • Wait, I mean all or nothing, it's what I meant to say, okay. Here we go. All right, now I

  • am just going to mix it with a big spoon efficiently, and not too much, just enough to just get

  • sort of all the flour moist with the buttermilk, and sort of starting to come together into

  • a ball, and that's it. Now is where things start to get messy. Just get your little hands

  • in there, sort of get it formed into a ball, and then I am gonna throw it out on my board

  • which I am gonna flour first and roll it out cuttin' some biscuits. Set that aside, and

  • the reason you don't want to screw with it too much or get it real hot is because you

  • don't want gluten to form and gluten is a protein that's in the wheat that forms long

  • strands which is what makes bread chewy and delicious but is the enemy of light and flaky

  • biscuits and pie crust. Every last little bit of butter.

  • All right, that looks pretty good. And just delicately, delicately roll it out to about half an inch or so. Probably

  • should have a ruler. That looks good. All right, now I have a little biscuit cutter

  • and I am gonna start cutting out some biscuits. This is about two inches. You can do bigger

  • or smaller, whatevs, let's keep it easy guys. All right, and when you cut your biscuits,

  • you don't want to push and turn. You just want to push and give it a little shimmy because

  • when you turn it, all those little delicious flaky layers that you just created with your

  • butter and all that stuff get sort of twisted on the edges and it might not rise as much,

  • so just straight down, shake it to loosen it, and then we're going to put this on an

  • ungreased cookie sheet.

  • I am gonna make one last little funky shape, not quite big enough, all right, and with

  • the scraps you can re-roll them, but just keep in mind those biscuits are not going

  • to be as light and fluffy as the originals because that gluten will start to form and

  • they get a little tough, but that's okay because you have some people coming over that you

  • don't really like very much and give them those funky ass biscuits. I am not even gonna

  • roll it. I am just gonna mash it. It's how I do it with those people I don't like very

  • much coming over eatin' my biscuits.

  • All right, if I haven't said it already, I am gonna pop these babies in a 450 degree

  • oven for 12-15 minutes, oh snap! All right, my biscuits are done. Damn! Those look goods.

  • But I don't know what to do with all these biscuits! Biscuits are not supper!

  • FREAKZONE: Freakzone!

  • Cut, cut. I am sorry. I was drinking a little bit too much during that episode and sometimes

  • when I drink my little buddy Freakzone shows up but somehow he always knows right when

  • I am about to throw up. It's amazing. He's uncanny. Anyway, Freakzone showed up. He gets

  • a little out of control. He is an alcoholic and he's hard to handle and he's just like

  • pure sexual energy and so what happened after this, we shot it. We filmed it. I can't really

  • show it on the regular Internet because it's just, it's really too weird, so if you want

  • to see it, I am gonna tell you how you can see it. Go the website. There's this little

  • area where you can sign up for the newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter. This is only for

  • top secret people know how to do this, so you sign up for the newsletter, we send you

  • top secret information on how to login to th secret hidden area, a secret garden if

  • you will, on the website where you can see the episode and meet Freakzone for yourself

  • and get sexy with me and Freakzone!

Hey, I am Hilah, and I am cookin'. Today I had a really rough day at work even though

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How To Make Buttermilk Biscuits - Southern Biscuit Recipe

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