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  • >> Hilah: Hey dudes! I am Hilah, and today on Hilah Cooking I am excited to announce

  • a new feature were going to be doing called healthy versus hell with it, so healthy will

  • be on Tuesday, and thatll be healthy version of whatever because Tuesday you know, youre

  • still kind of feeling pumped from the weekend, and youre like this is the week I’m really

  • going to get it together and like eat good all week, but then by Thursday youre kind

  • of like, oh my God! To hell with this. Shoot me in the face and give me something with

  • cheese on it. So today were going to do healthy turkey burgers, and then on Thursday

  • well do some with like bacon and cheese and burgers and buns and maybe even some wieners

  • in it.

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  • [Turkey Burger Recipe]

  • >> Hilah: All right, weve got some lean, ground turkey breast here. I am gonna add

  • some salsa, any salsa that you like, and were just gonna mix this together. The first thing,

  • wash your hands, especially if youre a dirty masturbator, you know who you are. Just

  • kidding, masturbation is fine unless it’s against your religion, then youre going

  • to hell. Oh man [laughs]. I am gonna go to hell. Okay, so we just want to get this sort

  • of mixed up, and the salsa is gonna add flavor, and also keep it a little moist like I was

  • saying when we did the turkey taco salad, turkey can be a little dry because it is so

  • lean. Of course you don’t have to get turkey breasts. You could just get ground turkey,

  • and then that’s probably got the same amount of fat as like a regular ground beef. So you

  • don’t wanna like mash it too much, but get if thoroughly incorporated, and then were

  • gonna divide this is into two patties, and I think it’s best, especially with turkey

  • burgers to make your patties sort of more thinner, more thinner, that was terrible English.

  • Make your patties thinner than you would a beef burger because we want to cook them fairly

  • quickly to keep it from drying out. Good, just try to get it as round as you can. That

  • one looks pretty good. Number two wasn’t that just pretty as a picture, pretty as a

  • picture of a raw turkey burger. Okay, now, I am going to, I’ve got some salt and pepper

  • here. We are gonna contaminate the entire world. Forgive me. I’ll wash it later, swears.

  • So, I’ve got just some salt and pepper, and I like to put this on the outside. It

  • adds a nice, little texture, very nice. C’mon little buddy. Okay. Good. If you want to add

  • some garlic salt to the outside too, that would be nice. The salsa that I am using is

  • super-garlicky, so I am gonna ixnay the arlic saltay, but okay, awesome! Now, weve just

  • got to cookem.

  • Practically done! Ha haw haa! All right, I’ve got a skillet here heating up over pretty

  • high heat. I am just gonna add a tiny, little bit of oil because we need that, but not a

  • whole not. Be judicious. There’s a big word. Okay, so once your oil starts to look really

  • fluid, like it’s warm, it’s lubricating, it’s doing its job, we put our burgers in

  • and just leave it alone. Were not gonna be flippinit back and forth and screwin

  • with it all the time. We just want to leave it alone until it’s easy to get your spatula

  • under there until it sort of naturally releases on its own which, you know, might take a minute,

  • two minutes, whatever. It depends on how hot your skillet is and a bunch of other factors,

  • etc.. Okay, after about three minutes over a medium-high we can go ahead and flip it,

  • and while it’s out of there sort of tilt your plan to get that oil that’s around

  • the edges sort of redistributed towards the center. Mmmm hmmm, and now I am going to leave

  • it on sort of a medium heat and just sort of put a lid on it to make sure that that

  • interior gets cooked unlike with a beef burger or something you don’t want to serve a rare

  • turkey burger. That’s just gross. All right, so just a couple of minutes later on this

  • medium heat, and you can check it with a thermometer, or just put a little fork in it. Stick a fork

  • in it! And if the juices that come out are clear, then youre in the clear, so were

  • ready to serve.

  • So, I’ve got my little warmed-up buns here. If you wanted to, you could totally do this

  • open-faced. I mean, you know, it’s up to you, whatever, you can do whatever you want.

  • It’s a free country, but you could do an open-faced. You could do it in a wrap. You

  • could do it just like in lettuce. Sort of maybe make them a little bit more tubular

  • shaped. Tubular dude! And then wrap it up in a lettuce leaf instead of bread. You know,

  • I mean I don’t know. I think everyone has a very different idea of what healthy means.

  • This is the very traditional like 1980s version of healthy I think. So, and then I’ve got

  • some pickles. I have a little chopped onion, some lettuce, and then here I’ve got some

  • carrot slices which, you know, if you just have to have like chips or fries with your

  • burger, you can totally like thinly slice some really crisp and cold carrots. Put a

  • little salt on them. Close your eyes just like youre eating a Pringle, swear to God.

  • Okay, well I’ll cut it in half and show the rainbow of colors and hopefully show you

  • the properly cooked burger inside. Well see. Ohhhhh lovely! That’s gorgeous! Oh

  • my God it smells so good! It smells like super-badass, awesome garlicky salsa. Holy crap! That is

  • fantastic. Doing the salt and pepper on the outside I am telling y’all si like the numero

  • uno tip from me to you for turkey burgers because it just has this like super-nice crust

  • on it. It’s really peppery. It’s salty. Oh, my God! I don’t, I mean I wouldn’t

  • ever miss beef. If you are feeding someone who is all like, beef, beef, beef, try this,

  • see if they, I think they might like it. I think they might change their ways. So there

  • you go. There’s a healthy turkey burger, you know, by my definition of healthy, whatever.

  • Stay tuned on Thursday for a very unhealthy version of something else. If you have any

  • questions about the recipe, please leave them below in the comments. I’ll get to them

  • as soon as I can. In the meantime I hope you try it and enjoy! Boner appetite y’all!

  • [MUSIC]

>> Hilah: Hey dudes! I am Hilah, and today on Hilah Cooking I am excited to announce

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Turkey Burger Recipe - How To Make Turkey Burgers

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