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  • Hey dudes! I am Hilah and today on Hilah Cooking we're making tortas de milanesa. A torta is

  • a Mexican sandwich and milanesa is a really thin meat cutlet that's breaded and fried;

  • Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, real common there, and even in Mexico. So we're gonna

  • do sort of a little South American, North American twisterooni here with a milanesa

  • sandwich.

  • Okay, for the milanesa part here, I have got some really thinly cut actually milanesa cut

  • on the label sirloin steaks. In Texas you could find milanesa cut of a round steak or

  • a sirloin steak is pretty common. Otherwise just get a really thin round steak or sirloin.

  • You really want something that's between a quarter inch and a eighth inch thick. So I

  • am gonna go ahead. These are about a quarter inch I guess, on average. So I am gonna season

  • them with some salt, just get it all in there, and some pepper, a little bit of lime juice.

  • I am sure it will be fine, and some minced garlic.

  • Now for the gruesome part. I have got a mallet here, or a meat tenderizer, and I am just

  • gonna pound these out. I am just gonna gently pound these, pound me gently until they are

  • really thin and even thickness throughout and at the same time I will be like sort of

  • pressing that garlic into them. Okay, so that looks like they are fairly even sized now,

  • and now I am just gonna sort of try to cut them into approximately even serving sizes

  • that are gonna fit. I am gonna use some bolia rolls, and those are about six inches by four

  • inches, so just kind of make your meat however big your bread is, and that will make your

  • life a little easier later on.

  • Okay, so this one, cut that in half, and let's see, this guy will be our little shrimpy piece,

  • over there by yourself little dude, and then these two can be our big guys, our big ole

  • boys right here. Okay, great! Fabulous, okay, so then here I have got some egg just beaten

  • up some plain egg, and some panko bread crumbs, and these are a Japanese breadcrumb. They

  • are coarser and kind of fluffier than a regular bread crumb. To me regular breadcrumbs end

  • up feeling kind of grainy at the end, so I really like these, but a regular breadcrumb

  • is also totally fine if you can make your own sort of like freshesh bread crumbs, it

  • would probably be better. Okay, so this is real simple. We're just gonna

  • get our meats, our meat pieces. Hey, buddy. Dip it in the egg. Dip it in the breadcrumbs.

  • Super-simple, and you can do this with really thinly cut chicken as well, or even eggplant,

  • and even there's a restaurant in Austin that does all vegan Mexican food, and they do one

  • with satane, or satan, however you pronounce that one, and it's really, really good too.

  • So, lots of variations here. Just get real nice and coated, and on to our little plate,

  • and next. Okay, once you have all of your steaks coated, it's time to move on over and

  • put some heat on it. To cook these I have got about a quarter inch of oil here. I am

  • using peanut oil, but whatever you like to use to fry like corn oil, or canola oil is

  • totally fine with me, and I have got it fairly hot, just until when you throw a little crumb

  • in there, it sizzles.

  • It's basically a very similar process to making chicken fried steak, and we're gonna let these

  • kind of fry over a medium heat for maybe three minutes and then flip them over. Okay, now

  • when you can see the crumbs around the edges are starting to get sort of light brown, we

  • can go ahead and flip it, and when you're doing stuff like this, make sure when you

  • flip things, you sort of flip it away from you, like that, so you don't risk splattering

  • oil all up in your beautiful face. That's your money maker guys, got to take care of

  • it.

  • Okay, about three more minutes. Damn! That's awesome! And don't be afraid to flip them

  • more than once. There's no shame in that at all. Just make sure they are cooking evenly

  • and getting cooked all the way through. For our sandwich assembly I have got a bolia roll

  • which you could use just a little section of a French bread like a baguette or something

  • like that. it's a type of French bread, very popular in Mexico, so it's slightly crusty,

  • nice and soft inside. I am just gonna butter this a little or a lot, and like that, and

  • let's get it a little bit toasty. Put a little bit of butter on the outside.

  • If you wanted to skip the whole sandwich thing, you could totally just serve the milanesa

  • with some beans and rice and salad, and a little lime wedge to squeeze on top, totally

  • acceptable, a little bit of salsa, and you could also bake it once you get it breaded,

  • you could bake it in the oven at like 425 for about 20 minutes or so. Fabulous! Great!

  • Okay, seriously time to assemble now. Enough screwing around with toasting bread and shit

  • like that. So I have got some crema here, I have used this before. Several people have

  • asked about it. It's kind of similar to a crème fresh. It's like a thin sour cream,

  • although it's not quite as sour as American-style sour cream, but if you can't find this, you

  • can use mayonnaise or sour cream, or Greek yogurt if you're trying to be healthy.

  • So get a little bit on both sides here, and we're gonna top it with one of our milanesas,

  • and then pretty much just whatever you want. So I've got some tomato, whoa guy, and some

  • red onion, and some iceberg lettuce, and avocado is pretty much found on, I don't know, maybe

  • not all tortas, but all good tortas, right? So a couple of pieces like that. If I wasn't

  • such a moron, I'd have some salsa here, but it's way over there, so I am just gonna go

  • for it like this, oh, and then a little squeeze of some lime on top. You could add jalapenos,

  • just, I mean it's a sandwich you guys, you can put whatever the hell you want on it.

  • I am not trying to boss you around with your sandwich, but look how gorgeous that is! It's

  • like a McRib, but delicious.

  • Okay, let's give her a taste. [crunch] That is really fine, and I don't mean fine as in

  • okay, I mean fine as in super badass. I mean like whoa yo! That sandwich is fine! Like

  • that, like we used to say in like middle school about boys having fine asses and stuff. Okay,

  • maybe that was just me. All right, there you go. There's how to make a torta de milanesa.

  • If you are actually from Argentina or Paraguay or Uruguay or Mexico and you think I did it

  • wrong, please leave a nice comment telling me how you make it or your mom makes it or

  • your grandma makes it. I love hearing about new ways to do stuff, all right, hope you

  • enjoy this. Thanks for watching, and I will see you later. Bye!

  • These are almost done! It's almost time for milanesa! I don't really know any words that

  • rhyme with that.

Hey dudes! I am Hilah and today on Hilah Cooking we're making tortas de milanesa. A torta is

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