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  • Hey dudes! I am Hilah, and today on Hilah Cooking we are making chicken and waffles.

  • This is something that is really pretty new to me. I did not grow up eating chicken and

  • waffles. I am not exactly sure who did, but anyway, it's a waffle with fried chicken on

  • top, and it's great for lunch or brunch or breakfast or dinner or any one of those times

  • of day, and I am going to show you how to make it right now at this time of day.

  • For the chicken I am going to use some boneless thighs, boneless, skinless thighs. I know

  • traditionally chicken and waffles is made with bone in chicken, but A, I already showed

  • you how to do that so if you want to do it with bone in chicken, you can go watch that

  • video, but also B, it's just way easier to eat if there's not bones, if you're putting

  • it on top of a waffle in my humble opinion, but maybe that's just because I did not grow

  • up eating chicken and waffles, and maybe I am just kind of idiot and I don't know how

  • to feed myself. Anyway, we're going to use some boneless thighs,

  • and I have had them marinating in some maple syrup, Tobasco, salt and pepper, and a little

  • bit of thyme for a couple of hours now, just, and then we're just going to fry it like you

  • do regular old fried chicken or like I do anyway, so I've got my egg and yogurt buttermilk

  • kind of mixture here, get in there, and then I've got flour, cornstarch and some salt over

  • here in this bowl. So yeah, like, I didn't really start seeing chicken and waffles in

  • Austin anyway until like, just the last couple of years. I am not sure where they originated.

  • I always assumed it was like a Southern thing, but then I was reading something that said

  • it actually may have come out of Harlem, so I don't know, but it's tasty. Okay, now for

  • real, so I am just gonna place this on a plate over here, and keep dredging the rest of my

  • thighs until they are all dredged.

  • Okay, so that was a mess. Anyway, I am just gonna set these aside now to let that batter

  • adhere. I am just gonna leave them on the counter for maybe 10 minutes while I get my

  • waffle batter mixed up together, and I already did a video on that. If you want to watch

  • that video, I'll link that at the end too for that recipe. Okay, catch you in a sec.

  • One you've got your homemade waffle batter mixed up, you can just set it aside. I've

  • got about a half-inch of peanut oil here, whatever you like to deep fry with is fine.

  • You've got to heat it up to about 350. I am just gonna lay my chicken thighs in here,

  • and these are gonna cook for about three minutes, three to four minutes on each side until they

  • are nice and dark, golden brown and really crispy and the inside is cooked. Okay, I have

  • adjusted the heat, turned it down a little bit just to make sure that it stays in that

  • 350 range while they are cooking, and it's been about three minutes, so I am gonna flip

  • these guys. Yay! Okay, these are looking perfect, perfect, perfect.

  • I am just gonna keep it maintained at 350 for another three minutes or so. Another three

  • minutes, the chicken is done, and I am gonna drain off oil, and one of the cool things

  • about fried chicken is that it will put your eye out, that it actually stays really hot

  • for a nice, long time just sitting here. So I am gonna let these sit and cool to an edible

  • temperature while we just make some waffles really quick.

  • You want to pre-heat your waffle iron and I am gonna drop in my batter and close it,

  • and then pretty much when it stops steaming it will be ready to go. When your house is

  • filled with the aroma of butter from your homemade waffle mix or the little green light

  • goes on like that, that means that your waffle is done. So there, we're going to put that

  • down, oh, and this thing is hot, and put a little chicken on there, and then maple syrup,

  • I like maple syrup. Some people will serve it with a white cream gravy, but I like maple

  • syrup and then also, I have this peanut slaw recipe, peanut cole slaw that I put on my

  • website that I make a lot, and it actually is super, super badass on chicken waffles

  • for whatever reason, because I am a genius I guess.

  • So do a little like that. Now you can eat this with a knife and fork, but it's also

  • really fun, don't judge me, this is delicious. If you do like that, and then you fold in

  • half, and you pick it up, and you just eat it like a chicken and waffle sandwich, so

  • this is how you eat a chicken waffle sandwich. That is incredibly delicious. Oh, my God,

  • the chicken is so juicy and crunchy, and the sweetness and then the spicy slaw that I put

  • on there, a little Hilah twist from me to you. Okay, there you go. There's how to make

  • chicken and waffles, or a chicken and waffle sandwich if you prefer. I hope you try this.

  • If you have any chicken and waffle stories about growing up and eating them or whatever,

  • please share them. I would love to read all about your experiences in the comments below,

  • so thanks for watching and see you guys next time!

Hey dudes! I am Hilah, and today on Hilah Cooking we are making chicken and waffles.

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Chicken and Waffles Recipe

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