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  • Hey dudes, I'm Hilah and today on Hilah Cooking, I have something to say to breakfast.

  • "Yo breakfast, quit monkeying around! Yeah you got some crispy waffles but we're

  • gonna make 'em brown. We'll add chocolate chips, and some cocoa

  • don't hurt. These waffles are so good you could eat 'em

  • for dessert. Waffle rap."

  • Alright, so I've got some dry ingredients I'm going to whisk together just really to

  • get the lumps out. So this is just all-purpose flour. I'm adding some cocoa powder, some

  • baking powder with a little bit of salt, and some brown sugar. You could totally use white

  • sugar, but I like the sort of like carameliness that the brown sugar adds. Just get those

  • little lumps broke up.

  • So once you get those combined, we're going to mix up our wet ingredients. For these,

  • I'm using some banana to replace some of the butter and the egg. I happen to have these

  • little cutie tootie bananas just because, aren't they adorable? Isn't it way more fun

  • to eat baby things than full things? We need about half a cup of mashed banana. I'm guessing

  • it will be two or three of these little guys, but just one standard sized banana also is

  • fine. You want to make sure that they're ripe, so they're yellow with some little brown spots.

  • You don't want to use anything too green or it won't mash up very well. Get that little

  • penis tip out of there.

  • I'm going to mash this up and see if I need to add a third one to get half a cup. I think

  • I will. If you don't like bananas, there is a little bit of a banana flavor to these which

  • I enjoy, but you could also just use some apple sauce. Okay. So then once you get that

  • mashed up we'll add one egg, some melted butter, and some milk, and then just combine all that.

  • Excellente presidente!

  • Alright, now we're just going to add the wet to the dry. Get all that good stuff in there.

  • You just want to mix it up. Be a little bit gentle with it. You don't want the gluten

  • to form from the flour and make tough waffles. So don't over-mix it. We're just gonna mix

  • it until all the dry ingredients are moist. When it's about like that, it's almost completely

  • mixed up, we can add in some semi-sweet chocolate chips and vanilla extract. Ha! Just about

  • a teaspoon. If you wanted to add cinnamon or something like that, I think that would

  • probably be pretty tasty too.

  • As soon as all the dry stuff is wet, we are ready to cook our waffles. Once your waffle

  • iron is heated up, this one's got a really nice non-stick grate so I don't need to oil

  • it or anything, but just follow the instructions on yours. We're going to drop in about half

  • of a cup of batter. Spread it out just a little. Then I've got some just raw pecans here. I'm

  • going to sprinkle a few of those on top. This is totally optional, but it adds a nice little

  • texture, and then the nuts get a little bit toasted from that waffle iron as the waffle

  • cooks. It's a nice little touch. It means that you care. You could use walnuts or whatever,

  • weed, probably not a very efficient way to ingest marijuana, but whatever.

  • So we'll just let this go. It will start steaming. Once it stops steaming and it opens up easily,

  • you're good to go and it's waffle time.

  • Oh, oh la la, alright. So there we go. Pull this out, it's nice and toasty, chocolate

  • chips are melty, lovely. You could serve these with maple syrup like most regular waffles,

  • but because there's chocolate involved I think these are way more deliciouser if you serve

  • them with some fruit. Like maybe some more sliced bananas or some strawberries in this

  • case, some fruits of the forest.

  • And then you can put ice cream on them if you wanted to serve it for desert, or you

  • could do some whipped cream in a can. I honest to God have never purchased or used this product

  • before, so I hope it's as easy to use and delicious as the packaging looks. Okay, hoping

  • I can get an awesome smiley face to happen here. One, two, oh that makes a great sound.

  • What a fun sound that makes, guys. Alright, there you go. There's a happy chocolate chip

  • waffle face.

  • If you like this recipe, check out my breakfast playlist for lots more great breakfast recipes,

  • and also please remember to subscribe if you haven't already or I'll stab you with a fork.

  • Just kidding, I would never do that, you guys. I'm not a violent person. Alright, let's taste

  • this. So these are like, man, I don't know if you can hear that crunchy crunch, but I

  • can hear it.

  • Let's get a big bite, mmm. Look how pretty that is, how lovely. Mmm mmm. Mmm mmm mmm.

  • Waffle time, waffle time, do you know its waffle time. See, chocolate chip waffles don't

  • have to just be raps.

  • Alright, thank you so much for watching. I will see you guys next time. Please check

  • out my website for tons more recipes. And if you have any questions about any recipe,

  • the fastest way to get a response is to leave a comment on the website, but I'm also on

  • Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, of course. Alright, thanks so much. Mwah!

  • See you guys later. Bye.

Hey dudes, I'm Hilah and today on Hilah Cooking, I have something to say to breakfast.

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