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  • good evening, and we have made it through another week together, American life transformed.

  • And on this Friday night, we have just heard from President Trump with new guidance on wearing masks outside the home, the president saying.

  • In light of new studies, the CDC is announcing the use of a non medical cloth face covering as an additional voluntary measure.

  • Voluntary was a word the president repeatedly used with regard to masks.

  • They do not want a run on medical masks in this country.

  • The number of deaths surging in the US in New York state alone 562 deaths in just the last 24 hours.

  • The majority in New York City Tonight.

  • Here, this staggering numbers.

  • In just two weeks time, we've gone from 19,000 cases to tonight, more than 270,000 more than 6800 or dead.

  • And take a look at this graph tonight, showing the number of cases over time and the trajectory.

  • We have talked so much here about trying to flatten the curve.

  • The United States there in red, shooting straight up well above Italy, China, France, No sign of it leveling off the peak in New York, the governor saying, could be more than a week off, perhaps several weeks off, growing pressure tonight on a handful of states that have not issued formal stay at home waters for social distancing to try to slow the spread in this country.

  • The difficult images in New York City tonight, the city running out of space in the morgue, now loading bodies into refrigerated trucks.

  • And New York's governor taking executive action tonight calling on the National Guard to take possession of ventilators from other medical facilities across the state that do not need them to get them to the hospitals and desperate need.

  • Right now, we begin tonight with a B C's with Johnson right here in New York tonight, outside one hospital in Brooklyn, a somber walk, a team of doctors moving a covert victim to a mobile, more increasingly familiar sight in this stricken city, morgue space is filling up this grim picture outside Bellevue Hospital.

  • About a dozen of these refrigerator trucks lined up toe hold the death overnight, the death toll in New York state jumping to nearly 3000 highest single increase in the number of deaths since we started funeral homes overwhelmed 16% of them in this room.

  • Pat Marmo delivering tough news to grieving families have gone on my watch, but I don't have that.

  • I don't have the accommodation again right now.

  • Tonight across America, the National Guard building field hospitals in Michigan and Connecticut disinfecting nursing homes in Georgia.

  • But here in New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo giving the troops different marching orders to seize ventilators from medical facilities with lower needs and redeploy them toe hospitals in crisis.

  • I'm not gonna let people die because we didn't redistribute ventilators.

  • The Trump administration has criticized states begging for supplies, accusing them of exaggerating the need, The notion of the federal stockpile.

  • Was it supposed to be our stockpile?

  • It's not supposed be state stockpiles a day, then use.

  • But today from the president a pledge.

  • We will take every action and will spare no resource, financial, medical, scientific.

  • We will not spare anything will get back into shape.

  • The Empire State in New York today, staggering numbers.

  • More than 100,000 people testing positive for Corona virus.

  • Victoria, a school nurse, is one of them.

  • I am worried about me.

  • I don't want to go out like this, I'm afraid.

  • But I'm afraid that I'm not gonna get a chance to see my family again.

  • I'm afraid for what's gonna happen to happen to our country tonight.

  • Mounting pressure on the governors who have refused to issue stay at home orders One week ago, Kay Ivey of Alabama was defiant.

  • We're not Louisiana.

  • We're not New York state.

  • We're not California.

  • And right now is not the time to show our people to shelter in place.

  • Today, there are 1300 people testing positive for Cove it in Alabama.

  • 21 have died.

  • Ivy now announcing a stay at home order, effective this Saturday, Missouri tonight issuing its own order in Florida, where a stay at home order only took effect today, cases spike 20% in just 24 hours.

  • Georgia held out until earlier this week, the governor, insisting he only now learned that people without symptoms could spread the disease.

  • This is a game changer for us, but that information has been widely known for weeks.

  • President Trump has resisted pushing holdout States toe Act, but Dr Anthony Fauci has been blunt.

  • If you look at what's going on in this country, I just don't understand why we're not doing that.

  • We really should be tonight.

  • President Trump With an announcement about masks, the CDC is advising the use of nonmedical cloth face covering as an additional voluntary public health measures.

  • So it's voluntary.

  • You have to do it.

  • And in Michigan, a warning about the need for social distancing bus driver Jason Hargrove on Facebook, saying one of his passengers couldn't stop coughing for you to get on the bus.

  • It's still on the bus.

  • It costs several times without covering up your mouth.

  • That lets me know that some folks don't care.

  • Four days after recording that message, Jason developed symptoms himself and died this week.

  • Just think about those workers across the country and just try to make sure to cough into our arms or cover our faces to try to protect those around us.

  • And with Johnson with us again tonight, he's outside that temporary hospital at the Javits Center here in New York.

  • We know that they will be taking Corona virus patients there after that agreement with the president, and late today with President Trump, just before we came on announcing the new CDC recommendations when it comes to masks the surgeon general, already acknowledging that the federal guidance, in his words, has been confusing to the American people on this David.

  • Initially, the White House was against face coverings for the general public.

  • Now they are recommending nonmedical cloth masks.

  • But President Trump emphasized that it is voluntary and that he himself probably won't be wearing What Hi everyone, George Stephanopoulos here.

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  • Thanks for watching.

good evening, and we have made it through another week together, American life transformed.

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