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  • All right.

  • Next.

  • Accelerometers Gyroscopes.

  • GPS sensors are being used to measure everything from how hard a hit is toe how quickly an athlete accelerates to the direction a player favors when taking off.

  • Technology is changing the way athletes and trainers approach sports.

  • And though many consider boxing an old school sport with old school approaches to training, a type of punch tracker, which runs a little under $200 could serve as a sort of Fitbit for boxing when it works.

  • When you're swimmer, you're measured by a timer.

  • When you're a gymnast, you know, with you, stick it.

  • But boxing is different, is traditionally a low tech support.

  • Data is virtually non existent in the sport.

  • Do you guys talk about numbers like, Hey, I can punch this fast.

  • I can punch with this much philosophy now way trying to compare, like how fast?

  • But we never really had nothing to show us old I point fast.

  • You approve so wants to make that kind of data available to boxers.

  • They've created a system that uses sensors to record a boxer's average speed, how many punches and the type of punch they throw most.

  • These are the sensors that are going to go on your hands, like in your wraps, and then it's gonna be transmitted to a phone.

  • We should be able to review everything way had Richardson put it to the test.

  • Let the games begin.

  • Go.

  • Wayne State University measured the punching speed of seven Olympic boxers.

  • The average 20.4 miles per hour and time.

  • Okay, so your average speed with 16.3 you threw about 25 punches.

  • Knowing that you're 16.3 on this past round in your mind, you want to pick it up.

  • Why so fast?

  • Always been a hard worker.

  • I was missing my that that hungry learn and get better every day.

  • Different little adjustments are making little things to work on some when I get out Jacqueline Ago mode During our trials, however, device dean always pick up.

  • Everyone throw two jobs and then right hand.

  • So that's interesting.

  • It only registered to punches, and your average speed said 9.8 miles per hour.

  • You favor your right hand like you throwing punches on your right hand.

  • Your right hand is faster.

  • So what?

  • It went up like 19.

  • Your left is averaging more like 17 15 17.

  • Um, and it actually is recording all of your punches right now.

  • So is that new information, Thio?

  • Like knowing that you use your right hand more?

  • Will this change your strategy at all knowing this information?

  • Because I know that.

All right.

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How Fast Does An Olympic Boxer Punch?

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