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  • This is the lock picking lawyer, and rarely does a day go by when I'm not asked what bike lock I use.

  • So that's the question I'm going to address today.

  • I should start by noting that I have two bikes.

  • One is a nice road bike that I never leave anywhere unattended.

  • If I need to stop on a ride, either leave it with my writing partner where I carry it with me.

  • But I have another bike, a really cheap one that I bought for the sole purpose of riding when I anticipate locking and leaving it.

  • So that's defense number one.

  • Riding a bike that's not going to unduly attract or 10 thieves.

  • This lock is defense number two.

  • It's the Kryptonite Evolution series four.

  • Bicycle chain lock.

  • This is the 90 centimeter variant, though there are also 55 160 centimeter versions.

  • I just bought this for my personal use.

  • Now that we have some nice riding weather and because I am going to use it, I'm not showing the key bidding on camera, So let's talk about why I chose this first.

  • It's a chain lock, and that gives me lots of flexibility when locking my bike as opposed to a U lock.

  • This chain is a 10 millimeter hex link design made of a robust man, Johnny Steele, and I think 10 millimeters is just about as big as you can go while still retaining good portability.

  • I think chains are also more resistant to angle grinders than you locks, because chain links are hard to hold steady in field conditions.

  • I've tried doing it, and the best solution I came up with was using Vice grips to hold it steady.

  • But it still doesn't work very well.

  • If you's a compressed, abrasive cutting wheel, which I think cuts the fastest, it's almost certainly going to miss a line at some point and explosively shatter.

  • It's very dangerous.

  • That leaves diamond impregnated steel wheels, which can work but are slower and far more costly.

  • So let's turn to the lock now that holds everything closed.

  • We have a thick, hardened steel armor on the outside and an aluminum casting inside.

  • The locking mechanism itself is fairly robust.

  • It is not subject to Shiming attacks or any other bypasses that I've been able to come up with.

  • That leaves us with the disk detainer core.

  • Is it awesome?

  • No, and I can certainly pick it, but it's probably good enough.

  • And that's how I characterize this entire package.

  • Probably good enough.

  • I could certainly spend Maur and get something.

  • Be fear or more pick resistant.

  • But given that the lock literally costs as much as the bike it's going to secure, I'm not sure that spending more would make a whole lot of sense.

  • So all that said, let's lock this up and see what it takes to pick it open.

  • Going to remove this key out of the frame of the camera.

  • Now, the first thing we're going to do is rotate all of those disks.

  • As far clockwise is, they will go.

  • Now that we've done this, I'm going to get this disc detainer.

  • Pick that Bosnian bill and I made and try to pick up disc number one.

  • I think I've done that.

  • And so we're tensioning off of one.

  • Let's find disc number two.

  • Okay, click at it too.

  • Three is loose.

  • That's probably a zero cut.

  • We may have to come back to that later.

  • Four.

  • Okay.

  • Got a nice click out of four.

  • Okay.

  • I think for a set.

  • Five binding Gotta click out of five.

  • Six is binding.

  • Here we go.

  • Gotta click out of six.

  • Seven.

  • Feels like another zero cut.

  • Let's actually use that one for tension trying to set disc number one now so it doesn't take that long for me to open.

  • But I suspect this would be well beyond the skills of the average bike thief.

  • At least that's what I'm hoping.

  • In any case, that's all I have for you today.

  • If you do have any questions or comments about this, please put them below.

  • If you like this video and would like to see more like it, please subscribe.

  • And, as always, have a nice day.

  • Thank you.

This is the lock picking lawyer, and rarely does a day go by when I'm not asked what bike lock I use.

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[868] Why I Use This Lock On My Bicycle - Kryptonite Evolution Chain Lock (Series 4)

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