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  • Well, everybody and welcome to a new Siris on Hal I TTE Hal.

  • It is an open source artificial intelligence competition where players from around the world using just about every major programming language, can compete against each other, and it sort of simulated space environment.

  • So what I have going on here is just a replay of one of the many, many, many games out there and these little things buzzing around with their ships and what they're doing is they're mining planets for resource is the more resources you have, the more ships you have, more ships you have, you can kind of begin to expand.

  • And your goal is to basically take over.

  • Basically, as Blue Player has just done, you want to be like blue player.

  • So how do we actually get started with highlights?

  • So which one do is head to hell it dot io create account.

  • Basically, it's just you combine and you authorize your get have account and boom, you've got an account.

  • Once you've done that, go ahead and scroll down to the get started here and at this point, we already done step one and step to what we want to do is download a bot's go and click here to download the starter kit.

  • And as you can see here, a bunch of language is at your disposal.

  • I'm gonna be using Python three and then you just sometimes you'll need to match the operating system.

  • Sometimes it won't matter, but in this case, windows for python three so hit download, we'll save the file.

  • And once you have that file, I'm gonna go ahead and or drag it over into here.

  • I'm gonna extract it and I'll get rid of this just so it's not confusing.

  • And here we have our starter files.

  • Hlt This directory is just a bunch of helper Python scripts to help our starter, but I'll go ahead, open the starter bought to what?

  • We're talking about it and this is very well, heavily commented codes All that you read through.

  • It also will be breaking it down in a future video.

  • But in this get started.

  • Let's just assume Hey, this is a great starter.

  • A I uh Hi, Daddy.

  • XY is there so we can run it locally.

  • This will read me, of course.

  • And these were just too quick helpers that we could double click depending on your operating system.

  • I'm on Windows.

  • All use the dot bat, but basically it's just gonna run.

  • Hal.

  • I don t x c with some parameters.

  • In this case, it's just setting the dimensions as to 40 but 1 60 And then it's running my bought dot pie versus my body up I.

  • So let's say we want to run it locally.

  • I'll just double click this.

  • It runs a game.

  • Game's over already.

  • Here's a replay file of the game.

  • So as you're developing, you're probably gonna want to run it locally just to see if your logic is doing what you hoped.

  • It creates these replay files, and one way that we can replay those is to come up here to submit a bott.

  • And on the right hand side, we could replay a file so we could just click and drag that file over.

  • And in a moment it replays thegame how it went.

  • Unfortunately, blue, actually both players a limited themselves, and now averages plant yourselves up.

  • Um, so I started, But it's not exactly the smartest pot, and this shouldn't happen every time, either.

  • This is just what kind of by chance, Because this is a randomly generated map.

  • It's just unfortunate this is how it went.

  • But anyways, let's say that we're very happy with this logic.

  • This looks like a butt that we definitely want to compete with.

  • What we're gonna want to do is zip up our body.

  • Your body needs to be always called entitle cased, um, my bought dot And then whatever the programming language extension is, in our case, it's Python.

  • So that's what I'm gonna use and it's already called that.

  • But if you make like a V two or something like that, remember, before you submit it, it needs to be called my bought dot pie.

  • You'll see how I get around that if you follow some of my later videos in the series.

  • But regardless, what we want to do is zip it up.

  • This isn't it's a required include for the script someone or highlight that one as well.

  • Now, what I'm gonna do is send to a compressed zip folder, and you can call it whatever you want.

  • In this case, I'm gonna call it submission dot zip.

  • And now we're gonna goto submitted by and I'm just gonna drag that over this time to the left hand side and will submit the body says here, your body will start competing within hopefully the next 15 minutes, but I've found that it's usually within the minute, Uh, and you can come to see your results.

  • And these are just games.

  • You can click on any of them to replay them.

  • If you got the little first place, basically get the little badge here.

  • It makes it quick and easy to see.

  • But you can also see here I got third place, 2nd 2nd 2nd and so on.

  • So anyway, you can click on them and we can actually replay the game to see how we did how we want it.

  • And I usually actually find, you know, it's fun to watch the games that you want, but generally it's better to watch the games that you lost.

  • Say, you can see, How did the other player beat you, or what did you do wrong that cost you the game?

  • Anyways, that's a very quick get started.

  • If you're interested, I'm gonna be producing some more videos on how to start editing this script and then actually how to make your own so you can hopefully do a little bit on this competition just using the starter bought.

  • But, uh, otherwise, you just get to hacking, get started and good luck in the competition, and I'll see you in another video.

Well, everybody and welcome to a new Siris on Hal I TTE Hal.

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