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  • It's just about spring break time.

  • And with Corona virus fears sweeping the world, millions of Americans who've been planning a trip are facing a tough choice.

  • Do we go or do we stay home?

  • Leah Sutherland, a student at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, just canceled her spring break trip to Italy.

  • With the illness spreading like worldwide, especially in Italy right now, I just didn't think it would be a good time to go.

  • I would rather wait until it was safe to go and actually enjoy my time there rather than be worried about getting sick.

  • But Leah's fellow students have decided to go ahead with their trips.

  • Some in the U.

  • S.

  • Some abroad, I would say I'm weren't nervous for the airport and the plane, Not so much about me.

  • It's other people that I'm more worried about, especially being in airports and being in contact with so many different individuals.

  • Travel expert Pauline Frommer.

  • Obviously you don't want to be going to China right now.

  • You don't want to be going to Korea.

  • Most people think all parts of the United States, most parts of Europe, are fine.

  • It's changing hourly, though this graphic shows what happens when a sick passenger sneezes on a plane.

  • The germs spread to the 10 fellow passengers sitting around him.

  • You can follow these basic tips to avoid infection on a plane.

  • Use wipes to clean the tray and other surfaces.

  • Turn on the overhead vent to create a layer of filtered air around you.

  • Pick a window seat.

  • Any seat away from the isle reduces contact with other passengers.

  • I spoke to Dr Ross.

  • Do you recommend people stay away from restaurants from theaters, public areas or No, I would not tell any of my travel.

  • I would not curtail by going to public spaces.

  • I don't want to sacrifice life for fear.

  • Dr.

  • Ross has a reassuring take on the Corona virus crisis.

  • People gonna get it.

  • Most people just kind of mild symptoms that they get past it.

  • But if you're feeling those spring break jitters, our travel expert has this advice.

  • If your trip is not next week, hold tight because if you cancel your spring break trip now you're gonna be out a lot of money.

  • We've seen Jet Blue offer free cancellations and changes, but so far they're the only airline to do so and you cannot cancel and get your money back just for fear of travel.

It's just about spring break time.

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How to Have Safe Spring Break During Coronavirus Outbreak

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