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  • is there something else going on that we, uh, I should know about?

  • I don't trust my intel right now.

  • Not since Fairchild's death, if he trusted you.

  • He also thought when push came to shove the military would do whatever it could to cover up the existence of UFOs.

  • So I'll ask you once more.

  • You up for this?

  • You know, I think for Hynek and Quinn in our finale, the stakes have never been higher.

  • Here they are aboard a military training exercise and naval exercise in, you know, in the North Atlantic so far out of their depths dealing with something they can't comprehend with a rogue admiral who's basically hell bent on attacking.

  • One of my men took this.

  • Sir, this print shows a craft with no wings, no obvious source of thrust emerging from the ocean.

  • You're right.

  • The Russians clearly have a tactical advantage here.

  • Unless I move swiftly, there's no telling what they might do next.

  • What?

  • No, no, no.

  • The Russians don't have this kind of capability to take matters into our own hands.

  • Now, where we going?

  • How do you stop someone from making a horrible mistake?

  • You make the choice for you.

  • In many ways, they're Bond has never been stronger because they have to work together to try to figure this one out.

  • And ultimately, this leads to Quinn making like a sacrificial gesture of putting himself into harm's way and hiding, having to back him up to try to prevent disaster from that use.

  • This was constant, Admiral, You can't do this.

  • I didn't do this.

  • You did fire.

  • It will fare well.

  • Fire drill.

  • No, for your friend and colleague, you know who's at this point.

  • Your best friend toe pretty much disappears.

  • It's bigger than just mystery.

  • Uncertainty has to look at, you know, whether he's alive or dead or survived or whatever has happened.

  • And you know it's your fault, too.

  • Um, it's quite quite devastating.

  • You need to let this go, Alan.

  • Alan, You have to let him go in terms of Suzie and me.

  • Me, you know, for so long.

  • Susie was essentially lying to me about who she is, where her allegiances lie, what her loyalties are.

  • And now we get the chance to turn the tables and bring me a question and interrogate Susan.

  • It's interesting, because despite this huge breach, in this huge change in their friendship.

  • I love that in our story.

  • Susie still comes to me for help.

  • Susie understands that meanie rule finally know that they're not as different as they seem.

  • They both their mothers.

  • And obviously, when you have Children, you'll do anything for them.

  • So it explains a little bit too.

  • Mimi, where Suzy is coming from.

  • Hey, let it go.

  • Let it go way Sort of leave it up in the air about how what happened?

  • What ends up happening and and where, you know?

  • Are they okay?

  • And where we go from here?

  • What happened to the submarine, Captain?

  • I don't understand.

  • How could everything down there just vanish?

  • They found him.

  • Now it's time to find Quinn.

is there something else going on that we, uh, I should know about?

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Inside Project Blue Book: Operation Mainbrace (Season 2) | History

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