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  • what is clear this evening, Matt, is that this is not over yet.

  • And I say that in part because of the forecast you mentioned for torrential rain in some places during the rest of this week.

  • And you know, the Environment Agency is saying to us that by and large, the defenses of don their job.

  • But the work has been effective.

  • About 25,000 homes that would have been a risk have been protected.

  • But then there are also places like original where we are this evening, where they don't have those flood defences and people look at the river.

  • It's incredibly full at the moment, and they wonder how it can take any more water days after the storms but still underwater in bridging off life is nowhere near back to normal.

  • On the Riverside Caravan Park is more like in a lake.

  • The water level is slowly starting to drop.

  • The same can't be said for the frustration felt by many.

  • It's like being on a ship, Pauline told me with water or around her home.

  • You guys don't have any defenses, idiot.

  • No, not at all.

  • No ending.

  • The cottage is down there.

  • They they get the water's being so high, just gone straight through.

  • The letterbox is showing through the windows.

  • But I mean, look, it's not just now it's clearing up.

  • It's gonna take weeks to clearly hold up.

  • In other towns along the river, seven flood defences were bolstered in Iron Bridge, where dozens of homes were evacuated yesterday.

  • There was a major emergency operation ahead of last night's peak in the water level and imbued Lee, we're told the flood defences did their job holding up against an exceptional amount of water in Bridge North.

  • There aren't as many flooded homes has in some places, but with only sandbags to keep the water out.

  • Many feel they've been left to fend for themselves.

  • I know a lot of the locals worry that Bridge North is being ignored a little bit on that things like this, they're gonna happen more and more and that we haven't really got any protection against him.

  • Things might change, though, According to the chief executive, the local council, he told me they are looking at options everywhere is assessed on a risk assessed basis.

  • Bridge north doesn't flood that often.

  • That's no compensation.

  • If there is flooding here.

  • The council understands that on we will be looking at impressing for what we can do for bridge north in the future.

  • Isn't the reality that you need Boris Johnson to come down here and see this?

  • I think we'd all be or welcome Prime Minister coming and having a look.

  • We can't control that.

  • But it would be welcome to come and visit us.

  • We would host him on a noble him to see the impact that this is hard on our communities.

  • What would you say to the prime minister about the impact?

  • What's your message to him today?

  • I can't comment on that.

  • Others have plenty to say on that, though.

  • But the big question is, where is the prime minister?

  • Where is Boris Johnson?

  • After 2015 we got support that was unlocked by a Cobra meeting.

  • That's a part has not been forthcoming this time, because what would it take for that man to call a cobra mating at odds with his response during the run up to the election?

  • We've not seen any of this this time around way.

  • We're told today he has no plans at the moment to visit anywhere affected by this month storms.

  • There are the emergency grants of £500 that people can apply for with bigger sums for homes and businesses to help pay for flood defense measures.

  • But in bridge north on many other places, first, they need the water to go on the rain to stop.

  • Fallon well in wells, There's little response for flood hit communities with more heavy rain forecast this evening.

  • At least 1000 properties of thought have been effected.

  • Heavy rain has also caused numerous landslides.

  • Tonight, the Welsh first minister said that he will be asking the U K government to financial help because of the scale of the damage.

  • Ah, Home affairs correspondent Andy Davis is in pension in the wrong Tea Valley.

  • Andi, you're looking very well.

  • It's not, it's it's pouring down and that's a real concern for many communities tonight.

  • This is one of the roads that was really badly flooded at the weekend and I've just come from a meeting which was packed out with residents in this part of the wrongs.

  • That valley, which I think it's fair to say, feels a little bit forgotten in a ll.

  • The coverage on.

  • There is really anger there tonight.

  • Concern about whether Mork could have been done to protect the homes.

  • Here.

  • There are questions about insurance difficulties, questions about what financial help might be available to them.

  • On this is a scene being repeated across parts of Wales.

  • Over the last few days, we've met many people who today we've met many who are but homeless, who are vulnerable on deeply traumatized.

  • I met one young woman who has mobility issues, and she told me how in the middle of the morning on Sunday morning, the door burst in.

  • She was up to her neck in flood water and crawling up the stairs to escape it.

  • She thought she was going to die, she said.

  • So there is deep trauma in some of these communities.

  • You've been speaking to many people in those communities.

  • As you said, What have they been telling you?

  • Well, just that they feel slightly impotent in the moment and trying to work out where the help is going to come from.

  • Despite, you know, an army of volunteers, a phenomenal community response.

  • As for the public authorities, the local authority is sending in a CZ many workers as they can.

  • The Welsh government has announced £10 million of funding.

  • But in an emergency summit in Cardiff today, I was told that council leaders were getting text updates as the meeting was going with new reports of flooded homes of homes which had bean flooded.

  • So the scale of this is immense and the UK government is so concerned that it's now the Welsh government told me so concerned, it's asked the Treasury for more funding.

  • The local council here has been saying they're bridges that need repairing roads that need repairing and in the midst of this land slip that you saw over the weekend concerns about that.

  • So there are communities here which really are suffering right now and in need of help.

what is clear this evening, Matt, is that this is not over yet.

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