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  • decades before she was arrested in the disappearance of her two Children, J.

  • J.

  • Entirely.

  • Lori Dave L.

  • Was a sweet, quiet cheerleader from a developed, warm and family.

  • Bernadette Flores Lopez says she met Lori when they were 15 years old and trying out for the Cheer squad at their Southern California high school.

  • My first impressions of her was Man, I just thought she was just a Barbie doll.

  • She was a doll.

  • She was really sweet.

  • That's why it hurts so much.

  • Right now, I'm in disbelief.

  • Bernadette has asked us to blur her face to protect her privacy back then.

  • Laurie, Please.

  • Laurie Context.

  • She would attend religious classes before school.

  • That takes a lot of dedication to go in high school and go before school.

  • Started to seminary.

  • She never spoke about what it meant to be a Mormon.

  • I just know in her house it was a giant book of the book of Mormon.

  • Laurie was quiet but also hilarious.

  • She's hilarious.

  • He was never the type a person to come up to anybody and confront them negatively.

  • But man, she had us laughing hysterically all the time, Bernadette says.

  • Laurie's good looks were hard to miss here.

  • She is competing in a 2000 for beauty pageant after having two kids.

  • But in high school, Laurie mostly hung out with the girls while she was a bombshell.

  • In my opinion, she still is, but it's weird because it wasn't until our senior year that she even had a boyfriend.

  • Laurie married a boy from her high school, but the marriage was short lived.

  • I know the boy was not a Mormon, so that might have been a cause of Bernadette, says.

  • Lori got good grades.

  • But when it came time to talk about life after graduation, Laurie's path seems set by her faith.

  • Being a Mormon, this is what I got from her that they already knew she was going to go be a missionary for a couple years served.

  • And after high school, Bernadette says she lost touch with Lori, but she always thought about her friend.

  • I just want to say hi to her pretty much have been in contact with all my other friends that I had on my chair spot, except turn that she was just kind of a mystery.

  • You have nothing to say.

  • Bernadette was shocked when she saw her friend in the news for allegedly refusing to help police find her Children.

  • J J Entirely Siblings have been missing since September.

  • Florrie was arrested in Hawaii and charged with two counts of felony desertion of a child.

  • She's now awaiting extradition back to Idaho.

  • Bernadette, a mother of two.

  • I can't fathom that Laurie hasn't seen her kids for more than five months.

  • I think she's so brainwashed.

  • So far gone.

  • This person that she's married to is writing books about doomsday and end of the world.

  • You know, I know her book hurt her Mormon religion.

  • Don't teach that.

  • Laurie's fifth husband, Chad A Bell, has not been charged with any crime Wolf.

  • He and Laurie deny any wrongdoing.

  • Bernadette says if Lori did harm her kids, she should face justice.

  • But if they are alive, they it say, where your kids are, let them have a fair chance in life.

  • Let I don't know the healing process.

  • Start with them.

  • Bernadette also has a message for the friend.

  • She once felt so close to Lori.

  • Look, you're not too far gone.

  • That Raiders can't touch you.

  • She just needs our prayers right now.

  • She isn't.

  • That's what she needs.

  • Regardless, she's she's not.

  • Well, she's not.

  • Well, if this is, if she did something like this for inside edition dot com I'm Caitlin Ford.

decades before she was arrested in the disappearance of her two Children, J.

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