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  • the first clinical trials to find a Corona virus vaccine have begun at a research facility in Seattle.

  • A total of 45 men and women have volunteered to be injected, and all of America is thankful for their bravery and basically becoming human.

  • Guinea pigs are Lisa Guerrero spoke with one man who is participating in the trial Meet the human guinea pig.

  • His name is Neil Browning, and he's now known as patient number two.

  • He received the experimental Corona virus vaccine yesterday, along with Jennifer Haller, patient number one.

  • I spoke with Neil and his fiancee, Nicole Hoffman, about his daring decision.

  • Neil, what compelled you to volunteer for this experimental vaccine?

  • Honestly, I felt like if there's something I could do to help the greater good of humanity on this planet, I should probably step up and do it.

  • Neil is a network engineer outside Seattle and shares three Children with Nicole.

  • I was actually really excited to have somebody so close to me be a part of this.

  • The kid's air super proud, Neil says.

  • After he signed up, he was surprised to learn this was the first trial for the vaccine, so you didn't know that you were gonna be essentially a human guinea pig.

  • I definitely knew that this was a first for this specific trial.

  • I didn't know it was the first of pretty much any doing this kind of research.

  • Tell me how you're feeling right now.

  • This morning, when I woke up, it felt pretty good.

  • There was a very slight amount of soreness initially when I started moving around after being asleep all night, but that went away.

  • He's required to take his temperature daily and keep a log of how he's feeling.

  • The vaccine does not actually contain the Corona virus.

  • This will cause my body to produce proteins like what you would find in the virus so that my body can quickly recognize them and attack them at a time when a lot of people are feeling worried and anxious.

  • You and the other volunteers are truly a beacon of hope.

  • Thank you.

the first clinical trials to find a Corona virus vaccine have begun at a research facility in Seattle.

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Meet the People Testing the Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine

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