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  • now to the latest on the group of passengers stranded at sea there.

  • Corona virus infected cruise ship is trying to dock after four people have died and many on border reporting flu like symptoms.

  • The ship has been turned away by other countries and leaders here in the U.

  • S.

  • Air, also calling for the ship to find another place to dock.

  • ABC is Victor Kendo is in Florida and joins us now with the latest victor.

  • Then Lindsay, Florida's governor, has made it clear he does not want any more sick people coming into the state.

  • And many of the officials in Broward County would agree they're actually holding an emergency meeting tomorrow morning to decide whether or not they're going to allow those ships to dock Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale.

  • Now here is the latest with those ships.

  • Hall in America says they're two ships have made it through the Panama Canal and could be here in just a few days.

  • They had transferred passengers who are not showing any symptoms from the Zonda MME to the Rotterdam.

  • Guests on both ships will be confined to their rooms throughout their journey.

  • Nearly 200 passengers are stick to have tested positive for Covert 19 4 have already died, including one American.

  • There are simply not enough test for everyone, for the governor says.

  • We think it's a mistake to be putting people in southern Florida right now, given what we're dealing with.

  • So we would like to have medical personnel simply ditch dispatched to that ship, and the cruise lines can hopefully arrange that.

  • Tend to folks who may need that medical attention.

  • Governor Rhonda ST It's also monitoring the roadways.

  • Over the weekend, he ordered checkpoints on I 95 along Florida's northern border to screen travelers from Kobe, 19 hot spots possibly coming in from New York and even Louisiana, where Marcus just reported.

  • We're seeing a spike in cases there in those new travel restrictions.

  • Follow a similar order we saw last week where visitors coming in from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are being told Thio Quarantine for 14 days under the threat of 60 days in jail.

  • Lindsay So Victor, there are some strict rules in place, but why is there no statewide shelter in place order for Florida?

  • Well, Lindsay, the governor has been kind of hesitant to issue any kind of statewide order here, basically coming down to the fact that he believes that some of the more rural areas in the state don't need a shelter in place here.

  • Different story, though, in Southeast Florida, where we are where about 60% of the cove positive Covic cases are found.

  • Now we're talking about Palm Beach County doubts of Broward, Miami Dade and Monroe.

  • Where are the Florida Keys would be found today?

  • Just today he issued a new order, basically shelter in place.

  • And he's telling Floridians that we could be in this through mid May.

  • It was only a couple of weeks ago, of course, that we saw those crowded beaches.

  • Since that time.

  • Have you got the sense that people are starting to finally take things a little more seriously there in the Sunshine State?

  • Absolutely.

  • Lindsey.

  • And right here on Miami Beach, this park right behind me, it would normally be packed on a beautiful night like this.

  • Same with the beaches.

  • But those have been closed down here.

  • Different story in some parts of the state, Just south of Jacksonville, one of the beaches there, it got a little busy over the weekend, and officials were quick to shut it down because people, we're not following social distance and guidelines.

  • But for the most part, I can tell you at least where I am here, southeast part of the state.

  • People are definitely obeying the rules.

  • One piece of good news here.

  • Lindsay City of Miami Mayor friend Francis Suarez.

  • He tested positive for Cove in 19 a few weeks ago.

  • He just posted on social media that he has now tested negative twice.

  • Is very eager to hug his family, I bet indeed, some good news there and also that people are abiding and not right behind you in an empty live shots.

  • So we appreciate that report.

  • Victor Kendo.

  • Thank you.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

  • Thanks for checking on ABC News YouTube channel.

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now to the latest on the group of passengers stranded at sea there.

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Coronavirus-infected cruise ship turned away from Florida

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