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  • Many of my foreign friends keep asking about

  • how this students-led movement is going in Taiwan. I'm so happy to have heard

  • from your concern about this issue. I'm tired of typing you know

  • so I'm now making this footage

  • and shortly brief you guys about this event.

  • Well, would you just please wait a second because I need to finish this

  • sunflower ...Um...

  • This is a really good and you know what,

  • This Sunflower has become

  • Taiwan's most popular fruit now. All right,

  • let's get back to the main talk. The movement,

  • like I said, is the way that a number of Taiwanese

  • citizens fight for their democracy and their future because

  • of our government's improper handling on signing

  • an agreement with China to open the cross-strait economy,

  • which we all think will have a strong negative

  • influence on Taiwan. Yesterday,

  • 30th of March, an important rally was launched

  • and could be regarded as the most remarkable one

  • on Taiwan's demonstration records. This campaign drew

  • more than half a million participants to stand out

  • in Taiwan's capital Taipei and it showed

  • how Taiwanese people hand-in-hand to fight

  • for more democratic and

  • promising future under a peaceful, rational,

  • and enthusiastic foundation. Well,

  • would you just please hold on a second again and stay tuned,

  • because I want to eat my Suncake. I'm so much hungry.

  • Umm...

  • Tell you what, this Suncake

  • has become another Taiwanese mostly favored snack

  • but I have to declare that

  • this cake was 100% bought by me

  • I didn't steal it

  • You know what? During the March 30th's Rally, we all were just like the same family to

  • cooperatively listen,

  • share, comment, and sing to voice our

  • demands to the government. In addition,

  • an incredible number of donated foods

  • drinks and necessities by people around Taiwan

  • was sent to different venues and and

  • and distributed by more then a thousand hot-blooded

  • volunteers to the participants who came from

  • different parts of Taiwan. I was so much touched

  • by such a scene

  • You know, the campaign was carried out and

  • ended in a peaceful and organized way. And this will definitely set a

  • good example for

  • any other country or protests

  • or demonstrations around the globe. You know what

  • an American friend of mine told me that

  • this is his first time to witness an extremely

  • democratic, perfect, and peacefully-

  • going demonstration. Here I would like to show my gratitude to all those who have

  • gone all out to make the

  • the movement going so successfully. Thank you! Thank you so much

  • Without your efforts, we wouldn't have a chance to step forward

  • and fight for our rights. As for our president

  • you might have done something which is believed by many of us to not

  • to not adopt a proper and rational method

  • regarding the Service Trade Pact, but I still would like to

  • say thank you for your hard work, because

  • what you have been doing may be out of a good intention

  • for a better Taiwan. I still hope

  • you could pay more attention to students demands

  • and let's work hand-in-hand to work out

  • a win-win solution, shall we? No matter what

  • I prayed for this Event to have a wonderful ending

  • and no matter what major decision

  • will be made in the end, Taiwan will be only going

  • on the way towards a brighter future.

Many of my foreign friends keep asking about

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330 Taiwanese Students-led Demonstration反服貿太陽花學運

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