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  • Rather than engage on points that are factual, you'll often hear that GMO

  • is unnatural. Which of course is completely true like computers, cars and modern medicine too.

  • But people still feel there's a hidden danger.

  • Editing genes, what could be stranger?

  • So let us give these bad feelings some precedents and discuss them in light

  • of the evidence.

  • 130 studies, 25 years, independent research says have no

  • fears.

  • While we can add more papers to the balance sheet,

  • GM is as safe as any other food you eat.

  • GM changes organisms with a cut and paste. More nutritious, more resistant,

  • allergens erased. Slow to spoil, makes medicines, fossil fuels replaced. Is there

  • no problem it can solve?

  • Well, actually now you mention it. Modest GM yield increases won't stop

  • starvation,

  • the real solution needed: better administration.

  • Breeding management and sustainability, still play a huge part in farm fertility.

  • Insect killing genes from bacteria called BT, means we should use

  • insecticides less intensively. But on the other hand, herbicide-tolerant breeds

  • keep up the spraying and creating super weeds. Yes, cross-contamination can colonize

  • crops,

  • but evolution and breeding all cause

  • gene-hops.

  • Many consumers view GM with suspicion,

  • some transparency might just change their position.

  • For example, labelling might be a big pain, but consumer choice is a reasonable

  • claim.

  • Big companies predicting genes with patent deeds,

  • need to understand farmers want to own their own seeds.

  • Corporate misbehavior's not GM specific,

  • plenty of players in the field are terrific.

  • Regardless of the side you're on there is no doubt,

  • the gene-engineering genie is already out.

  • Let's bring together hopes, fears, values, trade-offs, facts

  • and scientists will stop with their 'we know best' act.

  • If we walk a path between research and caution,

  • we can have solutions and safety in equal proportion.

Rather than engage on points that are factual, you'll often hear that GMO

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GMO Part 3 - Where To From Here?

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