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  • Why did do vendor crew my wife he's been up for 20 hours they still put in the work for you people

  • It's currently 1:40 in the morning. Yeah, it's ridiculous 1:40. You hear that I?

  • Remember at my productions

  • We have an ASMR revenge assignment Instagram era productions or on Twitter at Mira product one and tell them your spiel. I am an wheezy

  • I should get other platforms. But hey Jim, I don't you can hand my Talia's a NW

  • Y and can't cash that is for hard of hearing today read stuff, please or I can get you hooked on phonics

  • Everyone you invited for them. We can't afford it. So little TECA and

  • Abel you with the city I don't like everybody's music. I don't find the appeal of it

  • You really have like we tried to listen to it and you're just not now Ivan. Now, there's a full album of it

  • I went through his eyes up and tried little tech. I actually like but he got told that hot water

  • Here's a song Conrad somebody's talking about her kidnapping for this and that and he would cause my look like you're not get yours

  • Your ass crying 11 year olds not gonna happen

  • internet money iPad

  • So let's check it out. She's ready to go. She's tired. Let's do this internet money somebody

  • Oh wait, this is somebody did artists

  • Everybody who's the artist? Sorry somebody you didn't know

  • Why you jacket study check-ins Freddie till he rolled I got all these bitches love

  • You just little bitty better boat. Am I just

  • Some body body to shimmy her some body body and I like

  • You think look that we've got a very distinct voice and I like it

  • I just want some body body

  • To treat me like some body body

  • And I like any body body. All you gotta do is love me for me

  • All you gotta do is love me for me

  • Just hope they don't fuck our girlfriends true

  • I'm sicker. I can like everything's okay when he's not good nod is everybody on a pizza forever making hip-hop?

  • And I like anybody

  • Party, all you gotta do is love me for me. I just want somebody to

  • cheat us

  • The concept of the video so I'm a big fan you gotta do is love me from a boogie was useless

  • I have to say so good

  • That was just my favorite, but I do love the hook like it made me Bobby little tip. Is that here a ransom?

  • No, I haven't you should he's dope. He's got good. That joint is was good. And this was good

  • She's got great Turner's and once the melody is really good. What was a bookies point?

  • Why was he there but I don't worry buddy. I have to give you know, a B+ any like it's not no it's dope

  • he's the virus at a party, especially if you

  • Chopping it up with like a you trying to the house

  • This is a good joint or in the car. Got a vibrant driving. This is a good joint to play

  • I'm an be miraculous for last 4 minutes and 38 48 seconds 40 50

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  • What other one wait let us know what a bug is good crews now, but I want to hear all the a boogie fans

  • Please I just like his name. Hey buddies the dope name but like

  • We big binder glass. I'm gonna look at

  • Some of the comments below what a but you saw the worthless review, what do you think a little tacky?

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    M Ary Jane posted on 2020/03/30
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