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  • Coming soon-- Google's brain in this body.

  • And for some reason, people find this terrifying.

  • Google has announced that it's acquiring Boston Dynamics, one

  • of the world's leading robotics and engineering

  • design companies.

  • You've definitely seen Boston Dynamics robots.

  • Some of their greatest hits include

  • Atlas, the headless wonder designed

  • to walk on rocky terrain, and its cousin, Petman,

  • who does calisthenics, push-ups, squats, and has

  • been known to model a hazmat suit.

  • And then there's Cheetah, a quadruped

  • that can run slightly faster than Usain Bolt.

  • The galloping Wildcat and old Bambi legs,

  • otherwise known as Big Dog.

  • And for obvious reasons, this impressive menagerie of robots

  • tends to always steal the show.

  • And sheer terror is a common reaction

  • to these videos online.

  • But crazy robots aren't the only thing

  • that Boston Dynamics has developed.

  • If you go to the website, you'll see that the company was also

  • the original developer of the DI-Guy human simulation tools.

  • This is a software suite for simulation-based training, UAV

  • training, law enforcement training, mission planning,

  • and many other applications all based

  • on autonomous, artificial intelligence.

  • Some of its products are in SDK with a library

  • of realistic human characters if everyone on the street

  • had amazing posture, and a DI-Guy artificial intelligence

  • which boasts completely autonomous agents that

  • can react to events, messages, and other cues independently.

  • Here's how it works in an interrogation setting.

  • A [INAUDIBLE] identified you as the driver.

  • Why don't you come clean and tell us

  • what happened last night before things get worse?

  • But before you started having nightmares

  • about being detained and questioned by a Google sim cop,

  • a rep confirmed to me that, as of last week,

  • the DI-Guy army has marched off to join another firm called

  • VT MAK-- a part of VT systems, a Virginia-based, integrated,

  • engineering group.

  • Google does have its own AI initiatives, sometimes

  • referred to as Google Deep Learning or the Google Brain.

  • Of course, leaving the rest of us

  • to continue to feverishly speculate

  • on what this latest robotics buy will mean.

  • Will Google, as Michael on my Facebook implied,

  • become a defense contractor or maybe

  • they just want to build a better Roomba?

  • I'd buy that.

  • As always, you can get in touch with me on Twitter, Facebook,

  • Google, or VK-- all @ANNIEGAUS, where you can also send me

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  • Thanks for watching.

  • Bye.

Coming soon-- Google's brain in this body.

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Meet Google's New Robot Army

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