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  • back now with that devastating tornado outbreak, more than a dozen twisters reported across the central U.

  • S this e f three tornado touching down in Arkansas.

  • Here's NBC's Rob Marciano terrifying tornado outbreak slamming through the Heartland workers inside this door in Jonesboro helplessly watching one of the least 17 reported twisters sirens blaring as D F three tornado hairs through the city winds up the 140 miles per hour at least 18 injured in Arkansas.

  • No fatalities, Thank God.

  • Uh, we reported just in the last 30 minutes the rescue effort is complete.

  • The tornado demolishing parts of the business district, including the mall.

  • Fortunately, most of the store's closed because of the Cove in 19 Outbreak.

  • The storm Delivering a cruel twist Jared Burke's a doctor on the front lines whose image we brought you last night of him distancing from this one year old son Zeke, his home now destroyed by that tornado.

  • I feel like the house lifted up and then slammed back down.

  • Say, God, I'm not ready to die yet.

  • And, uh, luckily, I guess he hurt me because I'm still here.

  • That doctor riding out the storm in a closet in self isolation.

  • A difficult weeks happen to be alive with their more storms coming toe Arkansas tomorrow.

  • Here you see it with our next impulse, coming through in the afternoon and through the evening could see some tornadoes and through southern Louisiana as well.

  • And across the north eastern part of the Gulf of Mexico, that threat carries on into Tuesday.

  • Tom.

  • All right, Rob.

  • Thank you for that.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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back now with that devastating tornado outbreak, more than a dozen twisters reported across the central U.

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Devastating tornadoes sweep across the Central US

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