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  • equip your destiny hunter Cape scarf and your assassin's creed necklace.

  • Because I'm Jake and this is game.

  • What's the matter?

  • Said Sack boy.

  • Figure to cold.

  • Maybe you should try on this pok mon sweater.

  • Or how about this Mario Kart one Still shivering.

  • I see.

  • How about some hot chocolate in a pit boy mug?

  • Much better now we can read.

  • The Legend of the Hero is a huge book that details the items and creatures of the cell, the universe, and it's filled with amazing art, uh, more of an earthbound fan, are you?

  • Well, that's great, because I have the legends of localization book.

  • That's all about it.

  • It's a fascinating read about all the differences between the American and Japanese releases and how they had to change certain references in the game to fit the two different cultures Now has put those books down and hit the road with these incredibly detailed final fantasy 15 figures.

  • Now we have two gents.

  • Oh, you want to check out these beautiful art prints by Stephanie Cow.

  • Let's do it way.

  • Have some art in our eyes.

  • Let's get some music in our ears with this vinyl single of the songs featured in the crazy weird trailers For Kojima is upcoming game Death stranding naked Norman Reedus holding a baby not included.

  • And speaking of death on died died dying to get this river from Overwatch Statue He measures 12 inches tall and assure to bring a lot of edge to your life.

  • Are you okay?

  • You don't look so good.

  • Are you switching that pin you're wearing?

  • Seems to think so Well.

  • Here, take my PS to memory card Pin.

  • I'm sure you just ran out of blocks.

  • Tetris blocks like the ones that make up Gomez from Fez in this really cool shirt Looking at these Firewatch mini art Prince sure makes me want to explore nature of it.

  • Medial!

  • Assemble my skyrim Skeletal dragon kit and arrived this magnificent beast to Monument Valley.

  • I see the locals from up here.

  • Hi, Ida and pro.

  • Plus, she's link Saul Veloute could be found in the description below.

  • And if you want more game Luke, there is a playlist right here.

  • I need to go to the hospital because there's an alien bursting or it already has bursted out of my chest.

  • So I'm gonna go do that.

  • You have a wonderful life.

  • Visit me in the hospital, please.

  • And as always, Thanks for watching.

equip your destiny hunter Cape scarf and your assassin's creed necklace.

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Gotta Wear Them All! — Game LÜT

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