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  • we're in Edinburgh, South Texas.

  • This is about 10 miles away from the border with her, You know.

  • So with Mexico and Macallan, this truck stop is a popular spot for coyotes to drop off migrants who are usually dropped off around here at the gas pump and they walk over and hop into these trucks, mostly without the driver's knowing about to talk to New Pit.

  • He's the guard that works out here at night, but he's not the only one keeping watch.

  • There is Border Patrol there, sheriff's deputies, but it's such a big space.

  • So it's a pretty easy place, especially at night as the sun comes down for migrants to hide for here to drop them off.

  • What would you say is the average number of times that you'll see someone during a week during among four times a week?

  • Can you show me where you usually spot people right here, right here under these lights will come and jump into the truck.

  • How do the turn drivers not noticing?

  • Because they're going to try once.

  • If you love to go inside and the left alone and go inside to get a copy of food or whatever.

  • You can see the opening on the air duct.

  • That's what they get in and climb up in there and it slide in the very back.

  • You could put up with three people laying down softly without being able to see them from here so much There was agreed to take me hiding in his truck so we can get us close as possible to the experience that migrants undergo.

  • You can see how invisible people can get.

  • This is the place to hide.

  • Now it starts to get cold.

  • He's going.

we're in Edinburgh, South Texas.

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How Migrants Hide in Trucks to Enter the United States | Border Live

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/30
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