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  • Hey, I can't really see you. I'm Jake by the way maybe you could tell from the voice, I'm in a room.

  • It's very dark. There's no windows and here. Hannah doesn't let me see sunlight or the smile on other people's faces.

  • I don't really see much, but I do wonder

  • Is it dark outside

  • com.

  • Heh! That's a DONG for ya.

  • You know what I like to do when I'm in dark rooms? Look at DONGs: things that you can Do Online Now Guys.

  • But it also could be dark because of a blackout... sketch dot com

  • You can choose between four different crazy visuals that react in real-time to your favorite song.

  • In this instance we will use good old Jake Chudnow.

  • Blackout sketch will fall along the pulsing lines and big shapes with all the colors of the rainbow

  • In raindrop you help this little cloud guy to collect drops of color to complete the rainbow and take him to his tiny island far far away.

  • Click the screen, or tap it if you're on your phone to make him switch directions. Look at him go. He's got a rainbow in his mouth. Wow.

  • But don't hit the deadly space rocks falling from the sky. That would put him in a very cirrus [serious] situation.

  • I might say- Hey, hey, now you might not have liked that pun, but don't throw me under the cumulonimbus [bus].

  • I'm all out of cloud puns, but don't Atmosphere [fear], because the sun's out and shining.

  • So let's go on an adventure!

  • In Emoji Adventure, you go through the life of a chicken: from egg to deathbed. What happens in between is up to you

  • Will you run free or become a tasty meal?

  • Maybe you'll get attacked by serpents... dot hero kuapp dot com

  • You've probably played snake before. you know the game where the little snake guy tries to get longer and longer without running into himself

  • Well here you control not one, but two worms as they try to fill up while not running into each other or themselves

  • Control one with the arrow keys and the other with the WASD keys and this would be a piece of cake for you

  • Ambidextrous folks out there, but I'll be sticking with avoiding snakes in general

  • I saw the movie anaconda movie came out 50 million years ago

  • It was simpler back then ah to be young again long summers

  • hormones and colorful fluids just on your webcam on and turn yourself into a

  • Colourful smoky cloud you can change the shape and duration of the clouds, but if you've got bad lungs like me

  • *coughs*

  • And you want to avoid smoke

  • you can also distort your pictures with line of

  • phi-dot may upload an image or enter a URL to an image and lineify

  • will create your pictures as a series of interlocking red green and blue lines

  • You can change the number thickness and color of lines and watch as your picture comes alive. Oh look

  • It's the Mona Lisa in a Santa hat Leonardo ho ho da Vinci I

  • I guess that means we're coming up on the holidays. I accept Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa gifts.

  • And don't worry about losing track of when those are we've got a DONG for that as well at how many days till

  • dot-com you can set your own event and time and the countdown will begin

  • and then begin your venture into being more brilliant with brilliant dot-org It is a

  • Site full of courses that teach problem solving in science and math. Brilliant was nice enough to sponsor this episode

  • And it is a very amazing

  • Site for example since I've never seen the Sun before I'm currently taking a course on solar energy if you go through the introduction first

  • It'll teach you the basics of electromagnetic radiation now. Let's do a practice problem

  • Why does a campfire appear to produce a different color of lights than the Sun hmm?

  • I'm going to choose a campfire emits a different mix of wavelengths than sunlight so it appears to be a different color now

  • Let's see if I'm right, so I don't want to spoil it for you

  • You can do this course yourself or many others by going to brilliant dot-org slash

  • Dong. The first 200 of you little cuties to sign up with the link in the description will get 20% off. Cool.

  • You know what else is cool?

  • You ah?

  • Ha ha ah ha ha ha why don't I assume the Jeff Goldblum laughing?

  • I don't know why but I do like Jeff Goldblum again. I mention this in every dong Thor Ragnarok

  • was fantastic link in the description

  • To not that movie, but to DONGs that we featured in this DONG and I'm gonna go back into the darkness, I guess

  • there I am and

  • And remember I love you. Oh, and there's also playlist right here filled with DONGs and as always

  • *breathes out*

  • Thanks for watching

  • Argh! There's light on me

  • You can't keep me in the dark Hannah. Hannah's right over there. Hannah, Why don't you come over here real quick?

  • Just come over here real quick Hannah. Hannah, real quick!

  • Come on come on over this is Hannah

  • I don't know if we've ever seen her face before this is what she looks like where did she go now she's done

  • Okay, bye!

Hey, I can't really see you. I'm Jake by the way maybe you could tell from the voice, I'm in a room.

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