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  • Hey geograpeeps

  • So as you know summer is almost over and that means the school year is about to begin now earlier this year

  • I was invited to speak to the cool kids at Centennial High School in Corona

  • California however after that I kind of figured, why don't I go and visit more schools?

  • However,I don't want to just visit and say hi

  • I want to do some more so I want to hold a

  • Geography Bee at your school in which one student

  • Representing your hometown will win. If you are a teacher or a school admin staff member

  • Or if you are a student and your classes have watched Geography Now

  • Then pay attention because these are the details on how you enter the contest.First of all, I will select five schools in North

  • America I did the map and unfortunately I only have the budget within Patreon money to travel to areas within my continent

  • It's a little too expensive for me and my team to travel to Europe or Asia or other places, so for now

  • We will have to start off local and then, who knows? Maybe next year if this thing becomes a success

  • Maybe we can go even further.However if you don't live in North America. There is a way you can help

  • I'll explain in a little bit.First of all I will be doing this after the heritage trips, so November

  • And maybe December is when most of this is going to happen that means you have a few months to study.And like mentioned before

  • At least one of these schools has to be in Canada. I promise you guys

  • I would have come for your 150th anniversary here

  • So Canada you're at least locked in for sure.These schools can be anywhere from elementary to university

  • It doesn't matter now the first thing you have to get permission from your school's administration

  • To allow me to come in for an event

  • I can't come if your school says no. Second, if your school is selected

  • I will be asking Geography questions about your local area first and then questions pertaining to the world

  • French

  • Spanish

  • So how do you apply? Simple! Kind of, I would like you to make a geography now video about your home area.

  • Share everything you think needs to be known about your hometown or state or province. You don't have to do the entire country though.

  • That's my job. What are the people like where you live what the landscape? What are the resources? What is the economy driven off?

  • Oh, you don't have to have the best video quality (144p is OK!)

  • But you do have to have one of the best five videos.Here are some tips, have a good attitude be informative yet pleasant on

  • Camera don't try to advocate any side of a politically divisive issue.

  • You have to remain as plain and objective in your script, make us laugh

  • But don't try too hard to be funny make very insightful thought-provoking jokes

  • I want to see how cool you guys can be with your own personalities now.

  • Here's the thing, if you don't live in North America

  • You can help me decide which schools to select I will be posting the submission videos on many of the social media sites Instagram, Facebook

  • Twitter, and you guys, the non North American geograpeeps can give me your input.

  • I will be reading a lot of the comments that you guys write down

  • I will be selecting the host schools in the first week of September, that means you guys got a little bit of time to prepare.

  • Also It gives me time to plan a way to travel to you.Once you are done with your video send in a link to Geography

  • later at

  • Under the title of geography Bee

  • 2017 with the name of your location.And from there the selection process will begin. Hope you guys have fun

  • Let's make geography cool again!

  • Shall we? I look forward to seeing your submissions and hopefully seeing you in November of 2017 have a good one, stay cool, stay tuned

Hey geograpeeps

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I WANT TO GO TO YOUR SCHOOL (and have a geography bee) CONTEST (Geography Now!)

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