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  • your favorite TV shows are about to get very quiet.

  • Say bye bye to live audiences.

  • Some shows air taking no chances, vanishing audiences outright.

  • Dr.

  • Phil just announced he will not tape in front of a live audience for at least the next two weeks.

  • Thank you.

  • Also effective immediately, there will be no studio audience at tapings of America's most popular game shows, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.

  • Especially understandable since 79 year old Alex Trebek is battling Stage four pancreatic cancer, and Pat Sajak is 73.

  • They're new rules, a nervous Wendy Williams announced today she'll be keeping her distance from her audience.

  • The new rule is that I'm doing most of the show from right here in this chair.

  • I'm very serious.

  • Stephen Colbert usually runs around giving high fives.

  • Not anymore.

  • I don't know how you guys were feeling tonight, but I am staying positive, not testing positive.

  • Just staying positive.

  • Good afternoon, and look at this.

  • It's the new seating arrangement for reporters at the Pentagon.

  • Instead of being crowded together, they will now be seated three feet apart.

  • That three feet rule is being advised for all aspects of life, especially in crowded areas like public transportation in New York City.

  • If you have a way to get to work, that is not a subway train in rush hour, that's great, Megan Alexander asked infectious disease expert Dr Daniel on pad for a subway survival guide.

  • Just try not to touch her.

  • Number one rule.

  • Don't touch anything with your fingers, not even the ticket machine.

  • What we want to do is use a tissue toe.

  • Hold on if you have petition, if you don't have a tissue, we could use our sleeve and we could hold on.

  • Like the governor of New York today, deployed the National Guard and ordered a one mile containment zone in New Rochelle, the city just north of Manhattan that has been hit with the largest cluster of Corona virus cases in the nation.

  • Schools, churches, synagogues anywhere where large groups of people gather will be shuttered for two weeks.

  • The order begins Thursday and last through March 25th.

  • People will still be able to come and go unless they're under quarantine, grocery stores will remain open and the National Guard will assist in sanitizing the containment zone and distributing food toe.

  • Local residents can't hurt.

  • You gotta stop it somewhere.

  • I think it's scary because we never had this happen.

  • And I think it's such unusual and unique virus that, you know it's scaring people.

  • It is indeed 27 people in this country have died due to the virus worldwide.

  • That total exceeds 4000.

  • You know, as we've told you, the president has been in contact with at least three people known to have been with a person infected with Corona virus, with more people in self quarantine from possible exposure to covert 19 summer asking if President Trump should be one of them, with the Corona virus creeping closer to the president, should he self quarantine, why not get tested yourself?

  • Well, I don't think it's a big deal.

  • I would do it.

  • I don't feel that any reason I feel extremely good feel very good.

  • White House says Trump is not being tested because he hasn't had for long contact with any infected individuals.

  • Spoke to the White House Dr Terrific Guy, talented guy, he said.

  • He sees no reason to do it.

  • There's no symptoms, no more lawmakers air revealing their under self quarantine, including representative Doug Collins, who shook hands with Trump on Friday.

  • Matt Gates, who was on board Air Force one and drove in Trump's limo on Monday, and Mark Meadows, Trump's incoming chief of staff, all came into contact with an infected 55 year old man at CPAC chairman Match.

  • Slap spoke with Fox News host Laura Ingraham via Skype from his home outside D.

  • C, where he is in self quarantine.

  • We have no symptoms.

  • Let me tell you something.

  • It's better than that.

  • Not only do I not have any symptoms, none of these congressmen have any symptoms.

  • Press people, you know, asking whether the president got tested.

  • Did the president get tested?

  • It's ridiculous.

  • They're actually trying to argue that because the president's over age 70 that he is being, I guess, it careless, irresponsible and spreading it all around the That's implicit in the question.

  • The president's potential exposure to Corona virus is a big topic on TV.

  • What kind of risk is the president facing right now while the president's got the best doctors in the world, we spoke to Dr Michael Hurt of the Center for Integrative Medicine in California.

  • I don't think the president is ever has provided that he's using the same protocols that were recommending for everybody.

  • Wash your hands extremely thoroughly or use hand sanitizer extremely thoroughly before you touch your face or each food as voters hit the bull's.

  • Today in six states, the Democratic presidential candidates continue campaigning despite warnings about large public gatherings.

  • We did notice this moment when Joe Biden coughed covering his mouth with his hand and then hug a supporter with the same hand.

  • And if you were concerned about Corona virus or maybe worried about what's going on with the stock markets, it is, of course, understandable.

  • But don't let your worries get out of hand.

  • This woman headed to a fertility clinic to freeze her eggs, and she's not alone.

  • This woman is so anxious about the Corona virus she's decided to freeze her eggs in the world that we live in.

  • Better to be safe than sorry.

  • Although there's no evidence at all that the virus affects fertility, 34 year old Jocelyn Levi says she's undergoing the procedure anyway.

  • If you could do something along the lines of freezing your eggs and not have to worry about it, why not do it tonight?

  • we're gonna give you a shot, and that's going to mature your eggs to get them all ready to be retrieved.

  • Dr.

  • Brian Levin of CCR Infertility Clinic in Manhattan says he's stunned at the number of women concerned about fertility in the Corona virus.

  • I feel like our front desk staff is inundated with phone calls asking, Can I be a scene and when can I do it?

  • Dr.

  • Judy Ho of the TV show The Doctors, says excessive fears over the virus can affect your health.

  • It actually does make you sick and impairs your immune system makes you more susceptible to illness is, she says.

  • People are way more fearful than they should be and could lead to a loss of sleep.

  • A panic is there because we don't no, and that's the scariest thing for most human beings to not have any answer.

  • One more piece of advice.

  • Pay attention to the news, but don't fall apart.

  • Still live your life.

  • Don't let this takeover that you become to isolate yourself and to shut yourself away from your family and friends because eventually they will find a way for us to manage.

your favorite TV shows are about to get very quiet.

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