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  • We're going to...

  • To see the unveiling of the pole

  • of the Pole Marker.

  • It's a ceremony, so I dressed up

  • ... and, uh...

  • It's a South Pole tradition.

  • Once a year.

  • Unveiling of the Marker

  • that was designed the previous year

  • by the Winterovers.

  • Let's go!

  • The story is, this is January 1st

  • ... and, uh...

  • every year, we have to mark

  • the new location of the axis of rotation

  • because we're on this large sheet of ice

  • that moves by about 10 meters a year.

  • So, that's what we're doing today.

  • So this is the old marker.

  • It's old and dirty and

  • - It is time for a change.

  • Time for a change. Enough of this one.

  • And I guess the new one

  • is around here,

  • about to be unveiled.

  • Ready?

  • Whoaaaa!

  • Nice.

  • Is it Jupiter?

  • Yeah, it's like, it looks like Jupiter, 'cause of the bands

  • but

  • Saturn rings...

  • I don't really understand either.

  • But maybe it's not to be understood.

  • It's nice.

  • Actually, it's Saturn but it looks like Jupiter.

  • Yeah, 'cause there's bands,

  • so I'm not quite sure.

  • - Wait, is it supposed to be Saturn though?

  • So as of today

  • the Earth is actually turning around this point.

  • Hey everyone!

  • ... Uh, what was I gonna say?

  • Yeah, I look a little tired because

  • I just came back from work, and it's 3 AM.

  • Can't you see, the sun is over there

  • that means it's 3 AM.

  • I just came here before going to sleep

  • to... to show you. This is the Ceremonial Pole right here.

  • This is the place that doesn't actually change where we have this nice aluminized, or metalized, globe

  • and then you see the flags of the countries

  • who I think have signed the Antarctic Treaty, I'm not quite sure.

We're going to...

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