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  • [gentle music playing]

  • Good morning, John.

  • In a single drop of water, thousands of organisms can live and thrive.

  • An ecosystem, all on its own, in a space the size of your fingertip.

  • Varied, peculiar, intricate, and magnificent.

  • There's so much we know about these minuscule beasts, but also, many mysteries left.

  • Often, we talk about exploration like going deep, or high, or far,

  • but there is a whole other world, within an arm's reach, that, nonetheless, exists outside of our notice.

  • The world of the microcosmos is as close as we have ever gotten to something truly alien.

  • [gentle music playing]

  • Microscopic animals living beside single celled giants.

  • Diatoms with cell walls made of glass,

  • massive amoebas oozing,

  • ancient mutualistic relationships' astounding mysterious abilities.

  • I can't quite explain why I am so astounded by this life.

  • Maybe it's because it was - for almost all of human history- completely invisible and unknown.

  • Maybe because its discovery transformed how we saw, not just life, but ourselves

  • and led directly to the improvement of billions of lives.

  • Maybe it's because it gives us a glimpse at cellular machinery,

  • the chemical basis for the majesty of life.

  • Or, maybe it's just because it's really ... pretty,

  • and these organisms are our neighbors, and I want to know more about them.

  • But, whatever it is, I am fascinated by it,

  • and I watch a lot of YouTube videos showcasing this wonderful world.

  • And then I got so obsessed that I reached out to one of my favorites,

  • a guy named James who lives in Poland,

  • and I asked him if he wanted to work together with me on a YouTube channel.

  • You can find his videos primarily on Instagram. There's a link in the description.

  • But, we've been working on a channel together for the last few months, and, John, it just launched,

  • and I love it.

  • It's called, "Journey to the Micocosmos."

  • Our first episode is out, and we'll have a new one every week.

  • It features original music from Andrew Huang, and great design and editing from our people here at Complexly.

  • Some of the organisms we feature might be familiar, like

  • we're planning on following a family of tardigrades as they hatch and grow and develop.

  • Some, will almost certainly be unfamiliar.

  • But we hope that you will come to love and appreciate them as much as we do.

  • Like Stentor coeruleus, one of the largest single-celled organisms on Earth,

  • big enough to be seen with the naked eye.

  • It's big, and beautiful, and voracious.

  • The "blue whale" of pond scum.

  • There's so much to see.

  • So much to know.

  • And "Journey to the Microcosmos" will take us there.

  • Not rapid fire educational, like a lot of the stuff I've done before,

  • but chill and laid back.

  • 'Cuz that's how I'm feeling sometimes these days.

  • Though this is not to say there won't be drama.

  • So

  • You can watch here

  • and subscribe here.

  • It's a very different thing than I have done in the past,

  • so I really hope you like it.

  • John, I'll see you on Tuesday.

  • [gentle music playing]

[gentle music playing]

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