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  • So my question to you is, uh Let's say the wind is coming from over there.

  • I want you to position the boat in whatever direction you think we'll make it go the fastest.

  • How would you set it up?

  • And then you can You can set the sail.

  • How you want something like that?

  • You want to point the boat this way?

  • What would you want to do?

  • How do most people think of sailboat works?

  • Where would you say most people think a sailboat get some wind and manages to move?

  • They don't really know where.

  • Maybe that, like, gets pushed from behind.

  • Yeah, they're pushing by behind is, um somewhat easy to visualize.

  • Your fastest direction would be straightforward.

  • Will be going with the wind.

  • Yeah, with the wind.

  • I want you to talk to me about what the wind is doing to the boat here to make it go forwards Well, with the wind behind, opposition to the sale pushes against so on, it pushes the sailboat forward.

  • So the slowest way to position your boat is well, the slowest is straight into the winds because you're not generating any lift.

  • And the second slower, like the slowest, actually sailing.

  • It would probably be close to dead away because you're very limited to So the winds coming from the back and you just got your sails full.

  • Yeah, because when you're going directly away from the wind, your boat wind cancels out the actual wind so you can actually never exceeded.

  • You would only be able to match, and you would have nothing no force in your sales.

  • But that would only win.

  • But that would be frictionless to which couldn't happen.

  • Could you say all up, up wind Probably with difficulty by me slowly.

  • That's doing this little six egg.

  • How does it go forward that the wind is going from here?

  • How do you get a detail?

  • You'd have to bring it right round like that to bring it to the side and then flick it right back around, bring it in against the wind does.

  • That's how I've seen the Bates guy.

  • I'm trying to figure out what could make the boat go forwards if the winds coming from that side, you know, engine ways.

  • The force on these sales.

  • What do you think?

  • I think it tends to be a little little little little back inside words.

  • So the horses back inside words.

  • How does the boat go forward?

  • Yeah, okay.

  • But that e I know.

  • I know it does, But again, I don't have a little insisting.

  • So how does a sailboat move?

  • The sales actually act like wings, generating high and low pressure on each side.

  • You generate high pressure on the inside of your sail and low pressure on the outside.

  • So the game's going faster around the right, has a longer way to travel in a sense, right?

  • And then you generate a bit of lift so the lift will actually end up being in kind of this direction towards me, which is mostly sideways.

  • And it is mostly sideways in a little bit for words.

  • But that's why we need to have the centerboard and rudder.

  • And they do.

  • They kind of counter act that force because they generate high and low pressure as well as the boats trying to be pushed sideways and kind of balances it out.

  • So the boat goes forwards, but it seems like I mean, if there is a force pushing that way on the sale and the opposite way on the centerboard.

  • It seems like the whole thing would tend Thio.

  • They would absolutely try and turn over, which is why the body weight in the leverage of the people, is so important.

  • How can a sail boat go faster than the wind because it can generate it can generate more pressure by its motion.

  • Okay, right.

  • Like it's there's only it can actually happen quite easily in light blue.

  • And because let's say you only have three knots going this way, and then you generate a knot of motion.

  • Well, all of a sudden, you're sailing with more than three knots of breeze over your sales, and then I can build on compound on itself.

  • The limiting factor is the drag on the whole.

  • Okay, so and the drag on the sales?

  • Actually, that's actually very large as well.

  • So, in fact, the fastest way to sail a boat is not down wind.

  • It's actually kind of, uh, 90 degrees or 45 degrees.

  • Okay, so that makes it go faster.

  • Okay.

  • Thank you very much.

  • You're very welcome.

  • I hope you enjoyed this video on the physics of sailing.

  • If you want to see more with hunter, click the first link.

  • If you want to Seymour about how wing generates lift, click the second link.

  • And if you haven't subscribed a very taxing yet, then click the third Link and I'll see you next time.

So my question to you is, uh Let's say the wind is coming from over there.

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