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  • you kidding me?

  • Trouble working rocks on trader in the bar.

  • Good.

  • It looks good, right?

  • Like the type of dirt we won't know till we can It You guys get fire set up and all this stuff.

  • They've only had time to collect a small sample of paydirt, but Parker's hoping it will tell him if the ground is a viable option for next season.

  • That piece going up to our Tony was stripping on the airstrip.

  • It's Tony's ground.

  • I see a huge amount of risk in that because he's unstable at times.

  • And uh, with what?

  • I saw it on the drilling that we just did what we could probably mind and make money.

  • But you're not making a lot and it just get to buy for a season.

  • There's not a real future there, you know.

  • It's another season of mining, but it's not a big future.

  • And I'm not rather plow headfirst into a bigger piece of ground that we can explore and find, you know, a bunch of years worth of mining.

  • So this panic, just see if there's gold in some future for us here.

  • Given that the Indian River plot comes with a landlord Onda royalty fee.

  • Parker's hopes for next season weigh heavily on this path.

  • Let me show you what we've got.

  • No gold in it.

  • Fine stuff.

  • Holy Incredible.

  • There's like 15 25 colors there.

  • I think that's pretty good, because it was only half a yard that one.

  • When two more pounds deliver much the same, Parker appears to have come to a decision.

  • At the end of the day, the tests here for me, they're promising.

  • We're finding gold.

  • We're finding pay.

  • There's a huge pile of mining in history on this creek.

  • Tens of thousands of ounces come out of here before and there's miles.

  • I haven't been mine.

  • That's available Talk right now.

you kidding me?

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B1 INT parker season mining gold tony ground

Parker Searches For Gold At A Possible New Mine Site | Season 10 | Gold Rush

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