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  • Hi, I'm Jay Roach.

  • I am the director of the film "Bombshell."

  • So in this scene, we see Margot Robbie, who's

  • playing Kayla, take a call from-- clearly,

  • from Roger Ailes' office.

  • And Kate McKinnon, who's playing Jess,

  • in the cubicle with her.

  • We have just seen, a few scenes back,

  • that Roger is harassing Kayla right this minute

  • and is now pressuring her to come back up.

  • We've also seen that Kate McKinnon's character

  • has warned her not to talk about it.

  • So right away, it's about staying silent.

  • The score is playing this sort of haunting,

  • all women's voices as the instrumentation, almost Phillip Glass

  • thing that Teddy Shapiro came up with

  • to emphasize how alone she is on this walk.

  • And she walks into this elevator

  • and thinks she can be alone.

  • But in walks her actual idol, Megyn Kelly,

  • played by Charlize Theron.

  • And now, two women, who both have secrets,

  • who both have been harassed, are in the same tight space

  • and won't say a word to each other.

  • And they're going to ride this elevator up to the floor

  • where Roger Ailes is.

  • And this shot here is such a great example

  • of Barry Ackroyd's incredibly humanistic operating.

  • He's just watching the people and paying attention

  • to what they're reacting to, and finding the composition

  • off of the performance.

  • In comes Gretchen Carlson, played

  • by Nicole Kidman, who's now a third woman

  • in a different level of predicament,

  • a different level of being harassed by Roger.

  • And they're all stuck in this space.

  • So this was a very important scene,

  • because it's the only time in the whole movie when

  • all three women are in the same place.

  • And we wanted a kind of combination

  • of capturing the predicament of them being in the elevator

  • but not supporting each other, and seeing that

  • in the wide shot, that you could actually jump around

  • to watch each woman's face in the three-shot

  • and compose for that.

  • And as Megyn watches them walk away,

  • she knows that Margo, especially,

  • is walking into Roger's lair, where

  • almost all of the harassment happened at Fox.

Hi, I'm Jay Roach.

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How ‘Bombshell’ Takes an Uncomfortable Elevator Ride | Anatomy of a Scene

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