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  • Good morning, internet.

  • I came out here to write and to research, and to think about the channel and its evolution.

  • The Staten Island video, for example, started life as part of the background reading

  • for the Statue of Liberty video.

  • Originally planned to be just a small footnote a couple weeks later, I got a little ...

  • obsessed with the story of Christopher Billopp.

  • And that small footnote took one year and two transatlantic flights to finish.

  • That's a lot.

  • To cover costs, I should have put an ad at the end of it.

  • But, I just don't think that would have worked creatively for the project.

  • Think about it.

  • Instead of leaving Past Grey in the cemetery, alone, soaking wet, and frankly half-crazed

  • To end on "This video was brought to you by..."?

  • I couldn't do it.

  • And it was much the same with the Road Trip video.

  • That was a real transformative life event for me

  • and the project became such a difficult technical nightmare

  • over three summers to finish that by the time it was done, it was just too personal.

  • So, coming here and thinking about the videos I've been working on

  • and looking at my plans for future videos, I see a lot of projects like those.

  • Projects that don't make financial sense without a sponsor,…

  • and that don't make creative sense with one.

  • So...I'm here to ask if I can double-down on you.

  • You, the viewer who watches and really likes the kind of thing I make.

  • If that's you, consider supporting the channel directly on Patreon.

  • Unless you're in school, of course.

  • Students are forbidden from donating.

  • Your job is to work on you and make yourself an independent person in the world,…

  • which is a hard enough task that should require all of your attention and resources.

  • Focus on that. I'll catch you later.

  • For everyone else, there's no pressure or obligation here.

  • I only want patrons to support my work who are happy and able to do so.

  • If you can't, we're good!

  • Just watching is support.

  • Anyway, I think you can see now why sometimes things take a while.

  • We all like to joke about how long it is between Grey uploads.

  • I see you in the comments.

  • I like to make those jokes!

  • I wouldn't want to live on an internet without recurring memes.

  • But, it's important for me for *you* to know that this channel is the creative core of my life.

  • It's my full-time work.

  • (... sometimes to the point of real madness)

  • Anyway, thank you for watching.

  • Consider giving on Patreon.

  • And now, I've got some scripts I'm gonna go work on.

  • I'll see you later, internet.

  • Have a great day.

Good morning, internet.

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The Future of the Channel, and You. [Walk with Grey vlog]

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    林宜悉   posted on 2020/03/28
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