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  • What is PHP pH.

  • Be originally standard for personal homepage.

  • Nowadays, it stands for hypertext pre processor.

  • Basically, PHP as a language allows you to dynamically right Web pages.

  • Now it's important for you to understand the difference between dynamically written Web pages versus dynamic Web pages.

  • So when I say dynamically writing a Web page, what I mean is based off of certain factors.

  • PHP will literally write a Web page for you so it will add in the Java script it'll add in the CSS.

  • Depending on different variables, it will add in the HTML, so on and so forth.

  • So if somebody goes to your website and they want to configure the website, they want to personalize the website for them.

  • Where you may be, certain articles or certain posts go on top.

  • Maybe there's different colors used or different sizes for the fonts, all of that adjusted in PHP so they can create a profile.

  • With NP HP, those variables will be created, and then when they go to the website, it will see their user account information within the cookies and then, based on that, it will be able to grab those variables and then it will be a determine what size the P tag should be.

  • What size the H one or a two tags should be?

  • What colors those tags should be, whether or not JavaScript should be added or whether or not it should be left out.

  • So PHP dynamically rights.

  • The Web page.

  • Why it's important to understand the difference between dynamically writing a webpage versus dynamic Web pages is that Java script allows you to create dynamic Web pages.

  • So if you roll over an image with your mouse and that image changes, that's a dynamic Web page.

  • When you roll over a menu and there's a menu drop down, that's all done with in Java script.

  • So what PHP does is based on the situation or the variables.

  • It will either right in a menu in Java script or will.

  • It will not, but it doesn't actually add that dynamic functionality, so it dynamically writes the page.

  • It doesn't create the dynamic page.

  • That's where you use Java script or something else.

  • So this is a very important thing to understand.

  • With PHP now with PHP, one of valuable parts with it is that it is a server side scripted language, so we call it a scripting language.

  • What this means is that you can write it essentially in any text editor.

  • I prefer a note pad plus plus for doing basic a work, but you could use note pad basically, any asking text editor, you can write out the code and if you want to, and then as a scripting, and what happens is as a scripting language.

  • You have an interpreter installed on the server when the Web pages called it, sees the PHP tag and then calls the interpreter and in the interpreter is then able to read that code and then do was ever required of that code.

  • So that's what we're talking about with a script in language that was a server site scripting language.

  • And this is important because all of the code is executed on the server itself, not on the client computer, so you'll hear Client side.

  • A scripting language is something like Java script, where the code is sent to the quiet computer.

  • It's sent to the Web browser, and then the Web browser turns that into something turns that into a menu turns that into a roll over something like that.

  • It's important, understand, with PHP that is a server site scripting language.

  • So all the code runs on the server and then on Lee.

  • The output of the code is then sent to the Web browser.

  • So this one of the valuable parts of this is that it makes Theo the the code more secure because the code itself is not being sent to the information about connecting to the database, and that kind of thing isn't being sent.

  • Basically, what happens is the PHP we'll go to a database.

  • It will go to a data store.

  • It will retrieve the information.

  • It will parse that information into a report or something else.

  • And then it only sends that reported only sends that fight finished Web page to the Web browser, the Web browser.

  • The user doesn't see all of the things going on in the back end.

  • So basically, when you're thinking about PHP, it's very important to think of it.

  • It's kind of like the secretary for the Internet, So you're not gonna be really creating video games with PHP.

  • You're not gonna be doing what people think of us.

  • Cool, sexy stuff with PHP PHP is used essentially for that dynamically writing of Web pages so it can connect to databases.

  • So if you have a form where you Pete, what people?

  • To be able to submit their email address into the form so that they can get email blast in the future, that would be PHP.

  • So you created a tomo form.

  • When that's a bit mud in is clicked.

  • The PHP script can grab that whatever information you collected and that can dump that into something like a my sequel database so it takes the information dumps into my sequel database.

  • If you want to do something like the reports you want to see, let's say all the e mail addresses that have been provided to you.

  • You can create PHP script.

  • It will then go to that database.

  • It will grab all the email addresses will format it however you want, and then it will give you that report.

  • So this is the kind of stuff that PHP does is just that basic, you know, simple administrative tasks that really make a lot of the Internet function.

  • One of the great things about PHP is that it's relatively easy to learn, so it's not.

  • There's not a strict programming languages.

  • Many programming languages are many programming languages.

  • You have to do everything exactly the way that you have to with syntax and other stuff.

  • With PHP, it's a lot more fluid.

  • You can make ugly code you could make.

  • You could make horrible looking code, but it works.

  • But it works.

  • Basically, PHP is a type of programming language that literally a 10 year old can learn how to do it.

  • Ah, and admits that assistant or a secretary can learn how to do it is a very simple, easy to learn code without a whole bunch of rules.

  • And so that's one thing that makes it valuable in the Web.

  • World is, if you're trying to build small applications again, things like email blast newsletters being able to take reports, being able to put in information and then be a big run basic queries off of that.

  • That's one of things that makes PHP such a valuable tool because it allows you to do stuff like that.

  • Relatively easy doesn't take too long to learn PHP.

  • Realistically, if you took 40 hours, 40 hours will be long time, really 10 to 20 hours.

  • It took 10 to 20 hours to learn PHP.

  • He already knew what a variable was, and a function was.

  • You should be able to learn it pretty quickly, and so that's basically what PHP is, and that's why PHP matters.

What is PHP pH.

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