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  • so it appears that there are fish here that could potentially cause fatal incidents.

  • And what's interesting is that these fish are very unlikely villains.

  • We're not talking about the cold water sharks but giant halibut.

  • And I have to say, this is definitely a fish that I need to encounter myself.

  • The largest specific halibut ever.

  • Court was just under £500.

  • That's nearly three times what I weigh.

  • And therefore rations, predators, salmon, squid see girls and even seals have been found in their stomachs.

  • If you're in a small boat and you hook, one of these giant flatfish is possibly know the halibut that's going to end up as dinner.

  • Now, with this new suspect on my radar, I want to find out for myself how strong this beast really is.

  • Fishermen here just don't tangle with large live halibut, But I want to get a good look at this creature and then put it back alive.

  • This region around here looks a little bit like Jurassic Park.

  • Amazing fishing spot.

  • Very hard to believe.

  • That could be halibut here.

  • This isn't very deep.

  • I was going to say I can't wait to get a line in the water.

  • But what I've heard about some of these fish it's one of those moments where you're slightly hesitant about the process as well.

  • I'm using a large plastic jig on £100 braided line on dropping it onto the seabed.

  • Just 30 feet below the sea floor is the halibut domain, and I'm hoping to tempt a monster onto my line.

  • Yeah, so it doesn't take a long something on my own.

  • This is no big, but it's something on there.

  • It's not what I'm looking for.

  • It's a rockfish, one of the creatures I first saw when I was looking for sharks underwater, trying to rockfish a lot of fish showing up on the sonar.

  • So this was mid water, took the the flashing jig on the way down.

  • They're some of the longest living fish in these waters, reportedly reaching over 120 years old.

  • I want to quickly get this one back into these shallow waters.

  • Bye, reset.

  • And once again, after only a few minutes, I pull an unexpected but very curious creature.

  • Up to the surface.

  • Thing is a ling cod.

  • It's not a type of ling or even a card, but actually a green ling.

  • It looks a little bit similar to the snakehead I was after in Thailand.

  • Sharp teeth in that.

  • And just like the snakehead, it's a voracious hunter, impressive looking beast.

  • These smaller predators all attacked the lure with a similar bite.

  • But when I feel a much more savage pull on the line.

  • No, I know that's a halibut has taken the bait far off the second that hits the bait fish takes off with a turn of speed that catches me off guard turned into quite a powerful dive.

  • I'm getting a very disconcerting and characteristic knocking on the the road way These fish swim.

  • It's sort of up and down down movement.

  • Bringing this fission is going to be on almighty struggle.

  • Let's focus eyes way already.

  • I want to get this fish on board without injuring it.

  • I'm gonna go and just listen.

  • So what's the road, please?

  • All right, put down the gun.

  • Right.

  • It seems calm now.

  • Shall we go for it?

  • Okay.

  • Really?

  • Also Finn's language.

  • Okay, this is a big gala, but this is 120 pounds.

  • Heavy to lift.

  • Heavy to bring in on having seen this thing thrash on the surface, I can absolutely believe those stories when they kick off in a boat.

  • Damaging people we tend to think of flatfish is just food for us.

  • But this is absolutely way up the food chain.

  • This is a predator on def urine and he's out of that.

  • Just look at the size of the mouth and the teeth that will just engulf.

  • Then it's large tail on powerful musculature.

  • Give it explosive acceleration.

  • It is undeniably a very odd looking beast.

  • A sight hunter with two eyes on one side of its face is something I've never encountered in fresh water.

  • Though this one seems to have calmed down after coming into the boat.

  • I don't want to push my luck.

  • Okay.

  • When I came to Alaska, I wanted to find out if there is anything under the water that could be responsible for some of these cases of unexplained human disappearances.

  • And the answer is an unequivocal yes, that is a very large and powerful fish living around the river miles and inlets of this remote coastline.

  • In a fight with one of these, it would be perfectly possible for an unlucky fishermen to be dragged down on lost in cold coastal waters.

  • At least one, a fisherman is known to have been killed by a huge halibut, and they have long been treated with respect by native Alaskans.

  • In these hostile waters, storms and boating accidents do take many lives.

  • But hooking one of these monsters could also be surprisingly deadly.

  • And in fact, having heard, Although I have about this fish, I should consider myself very lucky to have walked away from my encounter unscathed.

so it appears that there are fish here that could potentially cause fatal incidents.

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Jeremy Catches A Giant Cold-Water Killer With 2 Eyes On The Side Of Its Face | River Monsters

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