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  • So the question is, is what is an A record in D.

  • N s.

  • So whenever you go into your D.

  • N s configurations, once you buy a domain name such as failed normal dot com or geek field notes dot com, you'll see there's a whole bunch of different settings you can put in there.

  • There's a records there.

  • See name records there, MX records.

  • And so let's talk about what a record is.

  • What a record does is it allows you to point a sub domain to a particular I p address.

  • Now it is important with this.

  • It only allows you to point to an I P address.

  • You can point to 10.1 dot tender 11 only to 11 68.1 dot one or, you know, some kind of Internet addressable address.

  • Basically, you're able to put an I P address with the A record, and so what you can then do is you can have www point to whatever this specific I P address of your server is.

  • So it's important.

  • Understand?

  • Here you can not put domain names in here.

  • You can't put ah mail dot google dot com and here or anything like that.

  • What this does is this Maps sub domains to I p addresses specifically nowthe one configuration that you may have to put in there with most of these D.

  • N s service is is the at a record.

  • So this will be the default, a record, and basically what this state's is.

  • Where is your default server at so four default?

  • What is the I P address of your server?

  • So if you go in normally, whenever you set up the domain names with some place, like go down to your host gator, this'll be pre configured.

  • If it's not, you go in.

  • Basically, what you do is you create in a record, you use the at symbol, and then you point the at symbol at whatever I P address there is for your server.

  • And so this is why, even if you don't use a sub domain most of time, you can still get to somebody's Web server.

  • So if you go to www dot fail normal dot com, that will obviously drop you on the Web server because you're using the sub domain.

  • That W W.

  • W is the sub domain.

  • But The question is, is what happens if you simply put in failed normal dot com without the W W.

  • Without in a sub domain in front of that?

  • And so that's where this initial at a record will point.

  • You know when somebody just plugs in the domain name without anything else.

  • And so this is where you can make mistakes.

  • Sometimes Indian s.

  • Sometimes people aren't thinking about it.

  • They'll migrate their Web servers.

  • They'll change where www points, too, but they'll forget to change that at a record.

  • And so if somebody puts in www dot fail normal dot com, they'll go to the appropriate website.

  • But if they just plug in failed normal dot com.

  • If you hadn't haven't came that configuration, they'll continue to go to wherever your your site was set up before, and they'll most likely get bounced out of it.

  • So as far as using W W W as in a record generally standard practices you don't use WWW in your a record.

  • What you dio is you created a record for the at symbol on pointed toe What it wherever I go.

  • Whatever I p address your Web server is that then What you do is you go into the sea.

  • Name records of sea name allows you to plug in domain names versus I P addresses on See names.

  • You can point a sub domain at a at another domain name, but you can't plug in an I p address.

  • And so what people?

  • D'oh!

  • Is there going to the sea name?

  • They'll create a C name Www, and then they will point that at the at symbol.

  • So the at kind of comes becomes like a wild card.

  • So once you plug the at symbol into your initial a record than anywhere else, you can just plug the at symbol in within the sea names, and then it will default.

  • Tow whatever you plugged into that a record.

  • So what happens is a lot of times, you know, a lot of servers they'll provide multiple service is.

  • So when you're creating your see names, www will point to the act.

  • Then let's say your mail service is that will point to a domain name.

  • So, for that's a male, you know, Google's mail service or Microsoft Mail Service.

  • But then the FTP that may then point to the ad because your your Web server and your FTP server, maybe at the same place.

  • Additionally, maybe you're VPN servers and then VPN dot and that would just get pointed toothy at.

  • So it's very important to understand, with a record, the A record points sub domains to I p addresses now, theoretically, theoretically, yes, you could.

  • Within the A record, do Www and point that an ad an I P address.

  • But the standard procedure is is what you do is you created a record for the at simple You point that at the I P address for whatever your Web server is than under the sea names at sea names, you add a W W W.

  • And then you point that at the at, assemble again acts like a wild card, and that's a way to keep it very easy for administration.

  • For when administrators after you come in and they're trying to figure out what's going on, that's kind of the standard operating procedure, so that's what a records are, and that's why you should care about them.

So the question is, is what is an A record in D.

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